Upgrading 'old' PCs

  Dannymiller15 19:22 16 Nov 2004

Hey, i have a fujitsu-seimens pc from 1999 that needs drastic upgrading (new processor, more RAM, new hdd etc). My current motherboard is a Intel GT+ or something with 2 DIMM RAM slots. Therefore i was wondering whether i can upgrade using my current motherboard, get some more RAM an a new processor, is this possible?? HELP

  Belatucadrus 19:44 16 Nov 2004

You need to read the Mother board user manual to see what range of processors it will support, but without precise information on the board and CPU you have at the moment it's not possible to tell if you can upgrade. Memory and a new hard drive should be easy enough to replace or upgrade.

  Diemmess 19:51 16 Nov 2004

-but not by any stretch worthwhile...... There is almost nothing available which would make an improvement. If it still works, then enjoy it, but even a new printer may be difficult to match to the old motherboard. Sadly it has more use in a museum than as a working tool.

  Belatucadrus 01:15 17 Nov 2004

Not sure I agree there, a 1999 PC should have an AGP & USB, so graphics upgrades & peripheral support shouldn't be a problem. RAM can be obtained, though admittedly may not be cost effective if purchased new. The CPU is difficult to pass comment on, the board in question may have some scope for enhancement and if so ebay is a useful source for old CPUs.
Whatever the spec is, it's never going to play Doom3 but could still be a useful workhorse for a non gamer. I've just upgraded an old W95 machine from a 64Mb Cyrix 200 to a 96Mb Pentium 233 at negligible cost and felt the exercise worth while, though the performance enhancements could not be described as "Drastic". Depends what Dannymiller15 is looking to achieve.

  hugh-265156 02:23 17 Nov 2004

my best guess is to download everest home edition and it will tell you what hardware you have click here

install it and run then click 'computer/summary' and note down all the info for 'motherboard' make model etc. click any links in blue for driver updates etc for any hardware it lists.

if you click the links for motherboard it should send you to the manufacturers website for more info on what processors it supports, if not post the info here.

if it reports the make and model no. of the motherboard then look it up click here to find out if you can add some more memory this will be the cheapest and probally most effective update you can do on an older system apart from adding a new graphics card if you play games. updating the processor is probally not worth it even if you can still get it. adding extra storage should be fine.

  Diemmess 08:31 17 Nov 2004

One of those silly aberations where too much haste, and too little thought..........

I apologise for the suggestion that the PC belongs in a museum. This might have been true if I had subtracted 10 years, 1989 not 1999......Sorry.

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