Upgrading an old PC

  Thaddeus 00:34 07 Mar 2003

I was redirected to PC Advisor from a site offering info on upgrading old PCs. Seems like it was a series of articles (4)in the Mag. If someone has a copy of them, I'd appreciate a look.

Here's the situation:
I have an old P133 with 40M RAM and a 1G h/d, running win95...still works great if a little slow.

I have updated to something better, but would like to give "Old Faithful" to my granddaughter, (she's 9). However, I'd like to beef it up a little first.

So here are the questions:
Will a 233MMX chip fit in the CPU slot?
Can I fit a bigger Hard Drive without a lot of partition problems?
Will increasing the RAM past 64M make much difference?

I'm willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars (Aust).

Any help would be appreciated.


  A Pound of Sausages 00:40 07 Mar 2003

If you get a bigger hard drive you'll probably need to update the bios.

Extra memory would help.

Don't know about the chip.

  jediknight007 00:47 07 Mar 2003

With that amount of money, you could probably buy about 3/4 of the products you need for a new PC. Spending loads of a rare CPU or some old EDO RAM or something will be a waste later on since your upgraded PC will still be a bit too slow. For £200 or something, you might be able to get a PC with a 800Mhz CPU with 128MB of RAM or something if you look around. You could then plug your old monitor into that.

  Belatucadrus 08:41 07 Mar 2003

I recently looked at upgrading an old cyrix 200, and can confirm what jediknight007 says, unless you can pick up memory or suitable chips at an auction or computer fair, it's ridiculously expensive to upgrade kit this old. In my opinion the best thing to do is reformat and add a new graphics card, probably a PCI click here as I would doubt the mother board has an AGP slot.

  MartinT-B 09:07 07 Mar 2003

You say you have a budget of $200.00 AU - are you in Australia?

That affects the links given as postal costs to OZ from UK are not cheap, and you might be better off sourcing from the East.

Also UK costs are wildly in excess of anything you will find on your High Street - even taking into account reduced costs for internet purchasing.

$200.00 AU = Approx £75.00 - 80.00 in UK

  BlueMeanie 21:10 07 Mar 2003

Hi a modest upgrade may be viable BUT only if you can get the parts cheap.

64Mb ram is not too bad already, but if there are any spare memory slots (memory is installed in pairs) go ahead and install some more. At the Nottingham, (UK!) computer fairs another 32Mb of memory (2 at 16Mb) would cost say £15 to £20. Don't spend too much here.

A larger hard drive - perhaps keeping the original and adding the new one as a slave would be another £20 or so for a drive 2.1 to 3.2 Gb. Buy a drive under 8Gb in size as this could be a bios limitation.

A larger CPU - check the motherboard for settings, a Pentium 133 runs at 66MHz times 2 = 133, if the motherboard allows 66 MHz X 3 = 200 MHz , then purchase one perhaps £10. I doubt that an MMX chip would work as this requires a split power supply ? Do not try a Cyrix or IBM etc as these often reqire a different voltages as well.

I often used to upgrade these type of computers to use Word 97 and the internet, but little other software, I would aim for 64Mb of memory, 2Gb of hard disk, and pentium 166 / 200 CPU chip, BUT only if the price was right, just a few 10's of pounds.

Also a fresh install of Windows95 B is very desirable.

......and finally if you will pay for the air ticket, I will nip over next week and supply the parts for free.........

Regards and best wishes.

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