Upgrading my system

  andycampbell82 15:38 30 Jul 2003

I currently have an AMD athlon XP2400+ and have a motherboard which has an inbuilt graphics and sound card. I want to upgrade my motherboard so its got more USB ports and more slots so I can upgrade the memory. The question is will I be able to do this without touching my hard drive? I am concerned that I will have to reinstall my copy of XP and all the other software on my computer. Can I do this?

  pluff 18:15 30 Jul 2003

If you try to change the motherboard using your current xp hard drive intallation you will more than likely get the blue xp stop screen on boot up and you may not get any further than a format an fresh install.If you very lucky you may be able to boot into safe mode to install drivers for the new hardware but i have never been succesful.

  woodchip 18:17 30 Jul 2003

You really need to format and reinstall so you do not have problems

  goonerbill 18:48 30 Jul 2003

if ya upgrade to a motherboard made by the same company and chipset as the motherboard you already have, you have less chance of conflicts but not saying you wont get any

  malgall 20:25 30 Jul 2003

i upgraded from pentium 3 700 to amd 2100
and from a jetway via motherboard to gig 7vaxp
in the past with 95 and 98 i had to do a new intall of 95 or 98 to make the system stable again
but with xp it is now six months later and no problems in fact i have only seen xp blue screen
once in a year and that was before change

  Ironman556 20:50 30 Jul 2003

IF you don't already have one then get a CD writer for around £30, and back up all your stuff to CDR's. Then you don't have to worry about anythng and you can just reformat totally, it'll clear out all the junk you may have collected unknowingly too.

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