Upgrading my Processor!

  Fire003 17:52 09 Feb 2006

First time poster! :)

I want to upgrade my processor! But Im iffy about the compatibility with the current Motherboard I have!

I currently have a 2.8 Celeron D and wanna upgrade with a
Update Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor (click here)

My motherboard is a Foxcon SiSF661GX
I have 1g of RAM which Im upgrading as well.


  Totally-braindead 18:00 09 Feb 2006

click here= you will need to find more info on the chipset to determine which board you have, one of the 661s that I looked at will only take up to a 2.8gig pentium 4, it depends which board you have.

  Fire003 18:09 09 Feb 2006

Can't find it on there..

But I do know that its a F661GX + 964L
I'm happy to say I know about a decent percentage in PC's!!!

  Fire003 18:12 09 Feb 2006

SiS read my mother board like this!

I dunno, but maybe that might help someone help me! AHA!

  Totally-braindead 18:50 09 Feb 2006

I think this is it click here first possability click here;br>Also%20known%20as%20661FXME-ES second one click here and providing I have the right board this is what it will take click here it mentions PSC FSB 800 which I presume is the Prescott and will take up to the 3.4ghz

  Totally-braindead 19:10 09 Feb 2006

The old memory probably may be too slow by the way if you're going to use that as well as the new RAM you're buying.

  Fire003 19:25 09 Feb 2006

Soo it will support the chip I wanna buy correct?!

and the RAM? Currently I have
click here

But Im going to buy this: click here

Processor(just for review):click here

Shopping is soo much fun!

  Fire003 19:25 09 Feb 2006

2x512 I mean!!

  Totally-braindead 20:07 09 Feb 2006

If you confirm the links I gave you are definatly the motherboard you have then yes it will support the processor. Regarding the memory I use Crucial now click here wasted too much time with bad memory. I suggest you visit them for what your board supports, can't advise any more as I'm an AMD processor man myself and don't know too much about Intel but I'm sure someone else will help. Run the Crucial Scanner on the website, it should confirm your motherboard but remember the Pentium 4 will use faster memory than your Celeron did. Also have to say I'm not sure how much faster it will actualy be. Good luck.

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