Upgrading my Pentium II

  monty34 14:12 31 Oct 2003

Hi, just wondering if its a big job to change my pentium II 266mhz cpu to a faster model eg Pentium II 400mhz OR pentium III. I have a compaq deskpro 2000mmx pc,would it mean changing the motherboard? would appreciate any help.


  dth 15:48 31 Oct 2003

It isn't really worth it to be honest. As you would need to change your cpu, motherboard, possibly type of ram and possibly upgrade your power supply.

You would be better off buying a AMP XP p/c box for ?300 - ?600 (depending on your budget and needs) and just keeping your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

  Allan-263226 15:52 31 Oct 2003

As dth says, for the money it will cost you to upgrade i would prefer to buy a nnew system.

What budget do you have?

  Laser157 16:26 31 Oct 2003

I'm sure the previous contributors are right, but for what it's worth I did a marginal upgrade to my spare computer, which was a 233 P11 machine, by buying a 333 P11 processor on e.bay for ?6. I only had to change one jumper on the mobo to enable this. You need to check the mobo specification first though.

  Alan2 17:42 31 Oct 2003

I've been having similar thoughts to Monty about upgrading my PII 450MHz Dell Dimension and was attracted to the article on p171 of the current (December) issue of PCA. [Replacing motherboard with "Ready to install Athlon XP1800 Motherboard kit".]

This appears to be a cost effective upgrade route but I'm hesitating as I foresee great potential to easily lose everything.

Has anyone any recent experience replacing mobos in this way?


  monty34 17:43 31 Oct 2003

Thanks for advice, it woundn`t be economical to go to all that bother to upgrade this old pc.might try your idea dth.


  broggs 18:22 31 Oct 2003

Ring C.P.C at preston...they always have cheap barebones systems on offer.
I am lucky because I work near the time computer factory in Burnley and Have just bought a AMD 2400xp(microstar 6738 mobo) barebones from their factory shop for ?110
EMIT Computers 01772 77776

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