upgrading my PC for use with digital camcorder

  carlosjackal 09:12 06 Apr 2003

Not the biggest 'technophobe' around and I dont want to be sold expensive equipment by the PC stores, so I need some help!! My PC runs windows 98 se ;has a pentium 3 pro running at 700MHZ; 30GB hard drive and 128MB of memory. My CD rom drive allows me to listen to cds and watch DVDs. I want to buty a digital camcorder download this data to my PC, edit the home movies and create CDs that I can then watch on a DVD player! I was thinking of upgrading to windows xp, buying a cd burner (does this need to be a combi drive?), getting a better processor and increasing the PCs memory. Is this the right way to go about it and also the cheapest? any help would be appreciated

  MichelleC 10:14 06 Apr 2003

Some will disagree, but I'd stick with 98 for dv work (less hassle). XP seems to conflict with some dv cams and doesn't support others.

You'll need another hd - put prog on 'c' and edit on 2nd hd. Firewire card and cable.

Video Factory is good prog click here

Any burner but liteon r good. U don't need dvd burner as vcd's (mpeg2) r good.

  tenor 11:41 06 Apr 2003

Buy one of ati's all in wonder cards for your input not expensive,and have firewire built in.I use aiw 8500dv.Fairly fast graphics on board hardware decoder for dvd analog digital,remote etc.

  siouxah1 12:03 06 Apr 2003

I would most certainly agree with
MichelleC. Stick with 98.

Another easy programme is ULead Video Studio.

Just as an aside you might like to consider having DV in available on your camera.

Regards Brian j

  lixdexik 12:06 06 Apr 2003

would you not be better to look at a new basebox, as there are many blistering specs out there at amazing prices, it might be cheeper than the upgrade you are thinking obout, and you might get one with xp pre loaded, Just a thought.

Cheers Lixdexik.

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