upgrading my pc for gaming

  ferret71 21:38 27 Oct 2007

Hi Guys,
at moment have a semi self build with following:
amd athlon 64 processor 2800+
geforce 6800gt graphics card
3 slots for ram all filled - 1x256mb
1x512mb all pc3200 ddr
windows xp home edition sp 2
75gb hard drive
Cant seem to find out exactly which motherboard I have but dont mind poking round inside to find out! (if only I knew where to look)

not what you would call an expert so have read some previous stuff on updates and some stuff did not really understand
at the moment do not want to spend a fortune do not play online stuff slow broad band speed.

Any suggestions

  mij41 21:53 27 Oct 2007

Download Sisoftware Lite from the www. After installing tab to the hardware icon and select Motherboard option!! This will show details on the Mobo/Ram etc.
Don`t know what games you intend to play but you may need to upgrade some of the specs (memory for example!)You can check the minimum PC specs for any game by checking with the Games website. Good luck!!

  brundle 22:05 27 Oct 2007

1.75gb is enough for most things. The CPU is probably the weakest link in your setup and prices for suitable Athlon CPUs to replace it are low at the moment. SIW or Everest will also tell you more about your hardware; click here , click here

  Totally-braindead 22:06 27 Oct 2007

Download either Belarc or SIW they will tell you.

I have to tell you now that upgrades aren't likely to be all that great unless your computer is really new. By this I mean unless its a new socket AM2 the processor upgrades won't be much.
Your board could be a Socket A in which case what you have is as good as you can get or it might be a newer socket 939 in which case you could get perhaps a dual core 4200 providing the board supports it.
Belarc click here SIW click here

Post back with the make and model of motherboard.

  Acx 23:53 27 Oct 2007

I have similar specs to you. I want to upgrade to the NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX

However I'm going to wait (get a few months more out of my 6600 and hope that when these come out
click here

the price for the 8800 GTX falls and get it then.

  brundle 00:27 28 Oct 2007

I doubt you'll get the most for your money, GPU will be waiting for the CPU to keep up unless you upgrade that too.

  Acx 00:54 28 Oct 2007

Yes I know, but its the budget, when I get the card I will have to see what benifits it provides and then on to the next upgrade, but thats PC's.

  RobCharles1981 00:59 28 Oct 2007

To get one of the 8800 Cards you need a decent rig for the cards to run, the way your cpu and ram look it will bottleneck it meaning it's not going to give the performance it desires.

  Acx 01:00 28 Oct 2007

Sorry psu should of read cpu.

  Acx 01:02 28 Oct 2007

Sorry PSU should be CPU

  Acx 01:07 28 Oct 2007

Sorry psu read cpu

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