Is upgrading my pc for editing worth it ?

  jakasaki 16:34 12 May 2003

Hi ,could anyone tell me if my ideas worth considering or am i going to have to buy a new computer ?(please bare with me as i'm not too clever with computers!) I'm running a Time computer with a 700mh Athlon processor ,128RAM and 27GH hard drive but i recently bought a Sony DV camcorder and want to try my own editing. I've decided Pinacle Studio 8 looks good and comes with the lead and card i would need to connect to my computer.....but my problem is ,i don't seem to have enough power from what i've read.
Sorry this is long winded but my question is ,would (and can it be done?) it be worth buying a new processor ,RAM and hard drive for my existing setup or is the cost going to make it comparable with buying a more up to date power computer.
Also if i went down this road ,is it hard to fit these parts (i recently fitted a re-writer ok) or would i have to have it done professionaly?
Any views would be apreciated as i don't really want to buy a new computer.

Thanks Mark.

  scotty 16:42 12 May 2003

Processor is just adequate. I would add RAM but this is cheap (~£40 for 512MB). You will need a large fast drive (120GB, 7200rpm ~£120).

If you have fitted a re-writer, you can do these updates (and we are always here to help if you have problems!)

  Pc.2 16:46 12 May 2003

Hi there, I take it you mean that the Spec. on your computer does not match the requirements? All you would need to do is upgrade the bit that is below the spec. I would assume that it would only be the Memory, which is a little strange but can be purchased for very little £'s, it is easy to install (read the instructions). The CPU & HDD are more than enough to cope with this software, so unless I've missed something or you have forgotten to mention something, I can see no problems.

all the upgradesyou have in mind would be easy enough but personally i think you would be better off buying a whole new system, your system as is would still have a reasonable second hand value, say 250-300 quid and you could probably buy a system 2ghz 256ram 60gb for 450 second hand and make some upgrades to that whichwould take you much further into the future for about the same money.
a word of caution ,thesecond hand market in computers as with cars is sometimes perillous if you cant spot obvious problems. personally i've never bought a brand new machine because people sell off stuff as soon as theres something newer
and there are great bargains to be had.

  stlucia 16:59 12 May 2003

I'm running Pinnacle DV with a 600Mhz Athlon with 256mb RAM, and it downloads and processes my video successfully. So it sounds like your current system may cope -- at least you should be able to do a trial run.

You may have to increase your RAM, and for serious use you'll definately have to get a larger HDD because you'll only get about 2 minutes of movie on 1Gb of disk space. But these together will be cheaper than a new PC.

  jakasaki 17:49 12 May 2003

Thanks for the response but like i mentioned before ,my knowledge of the internals of a computer are limited and i suppose i should be asking...if i went out and bought 512mb RAM and a 120GB hard drive ,as suggested by Scotty earlier ,(not as much as i expected !) that this would just automatically be compatible with my computer or is there a specific type i would have to buy?

If so ,how do i find out which one i have to buy and is there a limit to how high i can go (including processor )?

Hope i'm not testing anybodys patience.......thanks anyway ,Mark.

  Rayuk 18:44 12 May 2003

Does your processor look like this click here
or like this
click here
If it is the first one[which I suspect it is]your best bet is an auction site like ebay or a computer fair.
While you have the side off can you see any markings on the motherboard[maybe between the pci slots]its most probably an MSI motherboard but your need the model number.

  woodchip 19:01 12 May 2003

It's not the second link as they did not do not make a XP700 at a guess it's a socket A Thunderbird.

You have not said what size drive you have got! you certainly need more Ram 512Mb and a free program to manage it called Cacheman.

You need a large drive or drives preferably to do your editing on and to save to as they are very large files.

Your CPU should be capable of at least getting used to the software

  Patr100 19:19 12 May 2003

Yes he has a 27Gh (sic) hard drive which I assume is 27GB.

Your specs are adequate to start with - I suggest if you are wary of opening the box then install Studio and see how it goes. You may find that the most useful upgrade is a second hard drive but depends how much you end up doing in terms of editing etc. Otherwise regular spring cleaning of the existing drive (eg clearing temp files produced during editing) will enable you to work for the time being.

  Rayuk 19:23 12 May 2003

My mistake should have added "slotA type"or "socketA type"as in example pictures

  NotsoNewuser 21:21 12 May 2003

From my experience with editing a second large h/d on which to store the video would be better than having a single larger one. As someone has mentioned space is eaten up when dealing with video and the second drive leaves you with full flexibity on your main drive which then just house all your applications and normal working files.

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