upgrading my pc for better gaming

  jeffurry77 14:11 20 Nov 2008

my pc is as follows question after:-
ABIT Kn9 motherboard.
AMD Athlon 64 processor3200+ 2.00GHz
ocz g641gx 1gb ram
Geforce 7600gt graphics.
Os, xp sp3.
what is a easy way i can get more out of this pc?
if i add more ram, can i just buy any ram and put it in i have 2 free ddr2 sockets spare could i just add 2x 1gb sticks fire it up and have more ram?
if i wanted to overclock the processor can i just up the fbs or ultra high transfer thingie and make it faster? could i do both? upgrade to another graphics card? whats a easy way i can get more for as little as possible? :)

  MAJ 14:31 20 Nov 2008

For RAM: Run the scanner here. click here

Overclocking the processor wont give you the extra speed I suspect you want, you wont get any appreciable increase.

Grahics cards aren't my thing, our gamers will advise you better on that score.

If gaming is your thing and you don't want to spend a lot on upgrading your present computer, new motheerboard, processor, faster memory, faster graphics card, etc. why not think about one of those play station thingies, XBox or something.

  citadel 18:04 20 Nov 2008

graphics card most important, assuming you have a pci express slot a ati 4850, plus another gig of ram as it's cheap.

  GaT7 01:43 21 Nov 2008

What PSU do you have - make & model? A HD4850 requires a 6-pin PCI-E power connector, preferably dedicated - i.e. w/o the use of adapters (unless you've got a reasonably powerful PSU).

Ideally, you'll want a dual-core CPU to get the best out of a HD 4850 - e.g. £50 AMD X2 5000+ click here.

RAM is so cheap, I'd get another 2Gb PC2-6400 - e.g. 2 of these for £18 click here. G

P.S. Btw, don't bother overclocking AMD CPUs as it's not worth it. On the other hand, Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad CPUs overclock very well with a suitable aftermarket cooler

  rustyboy 07:17 21 Nov 2008

Which KN9 motherboard do you have.
For what im going to say im assuming you have the SLI motherboard.

What type of games are you looking at playing?
The type of game will make a huge difference as to the requirements of the upgrades you'll need. Im going to assume you will be using some quite graphically challenging games.

What type of PSU has your machine got? Again im going to make an assumption that its at least a 450.
And finally what type of case do you have? Im going to assume its large than a micro ATX. If it is as small as a Micro ATX then you are going to be limited in what you can do.

Firstly you are going to need a better processor. As already stated a dual core will be a good cheap investment. Something like this.
click here
Then you'll need more ram.
click here
And last but not least a new graphics card.
click here.

or you can go for a bundle. There are a number of examples here for both ATX and Micro ATX
click here.
Then all you have to do is add an appropriate graphics card and you are there.

To advise you properly we really need a bit more information on your system including type and size of case, HDD, and the other things i assumed at the start of this post. The bits i showed you as an example will allow you to run all modern games comfortably at a decent settings level.
They are only examples though. I hope this at least gives you an idea of whats needed without spending to much.

To give you another example I built my son a machine with this spec

AMD + Phenom 9950+Quad core 2.6Ghz
4Gb corsair ddr2 800mhz ram
Maxtor 500Gb sataII 32mb cache HD
Nvidia 9800gtx+ 512mb GPU.
Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 motherboard.
And it runs anything he throws at it with ease and at high settings. Thats a high end spec (though if its pure gaming you are after i'd go with an intel cpu rather than AMD).

  5ean 11:45 21 Nov 2008

Not worth upgrading in my opinion.

So much needs changing, best to start again if you want a real game machine with water cooling, fast drives, overclocked etc etc.

If you want to run an existing favorite game you already have a little better, then rivatuner should work well with your card. Just slide the settings up and monitor the stabilty and temps of the GPU until you find a good setting.

Also get into Windows and MSCONFIG and turn off/delete all the crap you don't need.

I used this to good effect almost doubling a GPU's speed while building up a new machine. (Mainly as I didn't care if it blew up - but it was fine)

It definatley needs more RAM if you plan to keep it - best to get a matched pair of fast stuff, see what you motherboard would make use of best though.

  jeffurry77 16:35 21 Nov 2008

hi all
right lots of qs to answer.
I do love gaming, but i use the computer for other things too, so xbox not my thing.
550w psu. 16x pci express slot and a couple other slots next to it. unfortunately not sli mother board. jeantech titan midi atx case.
160gb seagate hdd.
basically, i realise i am limited to what i can do, by my mobo.i would like to keep it as not quite confident enough to build my own pc yet, however i am dying to try.
So if i uprate the ram the mobo info reckons it can handle up to 8gb! as someone said ram is well cheap, so was prob going for about 4, BUT i dont know how the computer will fare if i just add it, can i just add it or do i have to get ram that matches the latency figures? think mine is 5-something-something-summin.?
will look ina sec.
And better processor a good idea.
can i get away with that for now or is graphics just as essential as those key parts?

  jeffurry77 17:27 21 Nov 2008

oh yeah games, am on stalker at mo, but its brhaving badly, not sure if its my computer or dodgy programming.
how does latency work? mine is at 5-5-5-15-2t? that means very little to me, i know that lower numbers means its faster??

  5ean 17:51 21 Nov 2008

More to do with fact you only have 1GB although the numbers are useful to compare.

Your mobo may be able to take 8GB but win 32 can only use upto 4GB so don't waste cash unless you're on win 64.

  GaT7 18:51 21 Nov 2008

What's the make & model of the PSU? Does it have a dedicated 6-pin PCI-E connector?

RAM should be ideally added in pairs - so 2x 1GB modules will be just right, giving you 3Gb in total. Latencies will default to the highest, but don't worry about this too much (unless you're an overclocker, as this ideally requires all modules to have the same latencies). You could probably get 5-5-5-15 modules for £20-25 anyway.

The upgrades I mentioned in an earlier post will cost ~£175 (if no PSU required). Building a substantial gaming PC from scratch will cost a lot more (£400-500?). If money is not an issue, go for the latter. Remember, the former could be more than sufficient, & for a lot longer than you expect. A HD4850 is much more powerful than the 7600GT you're using now - but don't hinder it by not getting the CPU+RAM upgrades too. G

  citadel 19:02 21 Nov 2008

I would get the 4850 first and see how it improves gameplay, if you psu doesn't have a 6 pin connector you can get an adapter.

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