Upgrading my PC

  mullet 22:39 14 Apr 2006

Hi all

I'm toying with upgrading my PC but am at a loss as to what I can fit. I thinking of more fitting 2 x 512 ram and a 32mb graphics card.

I know they are currently 2 x 256mb pc2700 ddr333 dimm 184 pin, but I'm not sure about the ecc non-ecc bit?

and can I fit any graphics card ? at the moment mine is an onboard 8mb thing.

thanks in advance for any help.


  ed-0 22:41 14 Apr 2006

Do you know what make and model of motherboard you have?

Are you running windows XP?

  mullet 22:47 14 Apr 2006

its a k7 triton ga-7vm400m via km400 chipset

  ed-0 22:55 14 Apr 2006

You can use any 8X AGP graphics card.

Your system can take upto 2 X 1Gb moduels of ram pc1600, pc2100 or pc2700.

Use non-ecc. ( non error checking ram).

  mullet 22:55 14 Apr 2006

yes I'm running xp

  mullet 22:57 14 Apr 2006

thanks for that ed-o, you're a star.

One more thing, what about a cpu upgrade?

  ed-0 22:58 14 Apr 2006

Then you can put 2 X 512Mb dimms of PC2700 and install an AGP graphics card of you choice.;-)

  ed-0 22:59 14 Apr 2006

Take your pick. click here Your machine will take all of these listed.

  mullet 23:02 14 Apr 2006

Flippin'eck, that's quite a few. My pc is approaching 3 years old now, but it still does what i want albeit a bit slower.

You've been a great help ed-o, many thanks and a happy easter :-)

  ed-0 23:04 14 Apr 2006

No problem.

A happy Easter to you also.;-)

ps the rz is the same as the plain 400 rev 1.0 click here(Rev%201.x).htm

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