Upgrading my Dell Dimension 3100 for video playing.

  B.J. 14:42 09 Aug 2011

Jerky video. I record some video on my new EOS500d and it looks OK on the camera and its perfect on my wife's new laptop,but very jerky on my desktop PC, so I now know that it's my desktop PC that is causing the problem. I have a Dell Dimension 3100. I run XP with Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz and 1.99 GB RAM. Do I need even more RAM ? There are no games on my PC and the hard disc is much less than half full.How can I update my Dell to make it handle video from my Canon EOS 500d ? Thanks B.J.

  Seadog 16:03 09 Aug 2011

Sounds as if the computer graphics aren't man enough for the job. Have you tried to upgrade the video drivers?

The best option would be to add a video card. Unfortunately this is where I find conflicting information, one web site says that the Dell Dimension 3100 motherboard comes with only on board graphics and does not have either an AGP or PCI-e slot,and another web site says it has a PCI-e slot free.

Open it up and have a look, if there's a spare PCI-e slot (Google images to see what one looks like) buy a graphics card with 256/512 Mb of RAM and fit it - that will solve your problem.

If however it doesn't have a PCI-e slot, the only real solution is to buy a new pc.

  B.J. 16:18 09 Aug 2011

Thanks Seadog. When I get chance I'll have a look for a spare slot.So you think the CPU and the RAM is OK ? B.J.

  Seadog 18:01 11 Aug 2011

I would certainly think so, and don't spend too much on a graphics card. The best bet would be to try and borrow one to try before you buy if you see what I mean.

My son uses an old Dell gx280 with a 2.8 cpu and 1gig of ram with only 128 Mb video RAM and it plays everything he can throw at it graphis-wise.

  B.J. 22:40 12 Aug 2011

Thanks Seadog. I'm trying to find out if the Asus 5450 1gb graphics card is compatible with my Dell I have a spare expansion slot next to the sound card so I am assuming it's a standard PCI it looks exactly like the sound card slot. B.J.

  Seadog 23:23 12 Aug 2011

Be Careful! After a quick look at the Asus 5450 graphics card it is listed as a PCI-e card. There is quite a difference between the old standard PCI and the more modern PCI-e, they are not the same/compatible, one web site I looked at said that the 3100 motherboard only had PCI slots.

The old standard PCI graphics card are as rare as hens teeth these days.

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