Upgrading My Current Computer

  Help! :D 21:31 30 Dec 2003

I want to upgrade my computer, what do you think i should upgarde? I current spec is below:

P4 2.8Ghz
120 GB Hard Drive
128MB ATI 9700 TX Grapicgs Card
1 USB2
DVD Drive
DVD+R/RW Drive

  Rennaissance 21:34 30 Dec 2003

wow pretty good spec. Wouldn't think you'd need an upgrade. But i see the graphics card could be upgraded to an even powerful one, just my opinion, with at least 256 mb ddr on it. Maybe a stick of 512 DDR, the more mem the better eh? But i'd leave everything else.

  PA28 21:39 30 Dec 2003

I'd be pleased to have this spec, so would many others. Problem with upgrading from this is that you're well into the laws of leading edge technology and dimishing returns: ie, a small improvement in performance = an enormous sum of money proportionately.

How about a nice shiny new keyboard??!!....

  Help! :D 21:42 30 Dec 2003

Thanks, I would think about both comment, like the idea of a better graphics card and a nice microsoft bluetooth keyboard.


  [email protected] E 21:43 30 Dec 2003

It all depends on what you use the pc for, as to what you should upgrade.

Most people would be exstatic with the system you have.

  Rennaissance 21:49 30 Dec 2003

seriously don't bother about what you're using it for. When people say that to me, i would be 'I'm not wasting my money on something that can only word process etc' You have a great spec now and a good gfx card would finish it off. I see you have a dvd/rw a gfx card will benifit when you stream videos or something similar. No offense meant [email protected] E

  [email protected] E 21:54 30 Dec 2003

none taken. just wanted to know why the need for an upgrade?

I agree with your comments.

  PA28 21:59 30 Dec 2003

If you enjoy games, then a good sound system may also merit consideration?

  VoG II 22:02 30 Dec 2003

You seem to be missing an essential bit of kit click here

  Rennaissance 22:04 30 Dec 2003

LOL VoG, that is so cool. I may look at getting one. :P

  [email protected] E 22:08 30 Dec 2003

darn it they are out of stock

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