upgrading my computer

  pleiadian 04:23 04 Jul 2011

hello all,Ive had a bit of a nightmare trying to upgrade my computer,first of all i bought the mother board in january,then i bought the ram,CPU,powersupply from the same company misco online....I did not put them all together until i had bought them all so i did not look at the mother board CPU socket,Why would I? Until i have the CPU...anyway...in april I got round to putting it all together once i had got the cpu and new ram....with the help of a dvd from america called home pc builder 2010...fine it showed me what to do,so i did it...But when it came to me putting the CPU in the mother board socket i noticed a small blemish on the socket to the motherboard...my american friend who sold me the dvd homepc builder said it looks like a discolouration of the pin and go a head and put it in...When i contacted misco about the pin,they assumed that i had done it and also asked why it took so long to report the faulty mother board...any way to cut a long story short,misco and asus who make the board were not interested...the fact is how could i have made such a small amount of damage to a motherboard socket its impossible...one minute small pin....any way please concider before buying from misco online...ok right now...I took out the old motherboard,powersupply and installed my new mother board,ram,CPU....I have kept my old hard drives for now,my old dvd RW,and ive taken my EMU-audio processor, and firewire graphics cards and put them on to the new mother board...I must be doing something wrong because when i booted up...nothing comes up on the screen...My computer is a carillon Ti music computer...can anyone help me...I have looked at the dvd that i have bought....But this is the build one from scratch...I am keeping some of my old components fro the time being until i can buy a new blu-ray dvd rw...some new hard drives...audio card .....for the time being i have had to put my old motherboard with ram,powersupply and CPU back in..so that i can send you this message...I have also sent a message to my friend in america who runs the home pc builder site..he is also very friendly and very helpful....I have spent over £600 for all the new componets with misco...I am going to go online on many forums to complain about them... thank you for all your help peace

  mole44 05:28 04 Jul 2011

Hate to say it ,but for £600 you spent you could have got a nice P.C. from say PC world.I know home build gives you satisfaction but you have to be very sure of what you're doing otherwise it could be teats befere bedtime.I nearly did a home built with my present pc but i costed it all up and it was cheaper to buy ready built. No help i know but just good advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 04 Jul 2011

Any sounds of fans running? Hdds operating? leds lit?

beeps on start?

  pleiadian 21:58 04 Jul 2011

Mole i understand what you are saying but my computer in prupose built music computer called a carillon ti...which means that it has all the inputs fro guitars etc built in.I did look into buying a new computer...but found if i upgraded the ram,cpu,motherboard,powersupply..it would still be cheaper than buying a new carillon....i dont know if you know what a carillon music computer is...but the chasis is completely diffrent to a normal pc...for a start it does not stand upright...it is made to fit into a rack with other mounted effects etc....I also asked carillon how much it would cost to upgrade my computer...they quoted me £980 for roughly the components that ive bought myself....so it does turn out cheaper in the end thanks anyway mole.....dear fruit bat...lol....bananas,melons.....thank you...yes the fan works ok,it beeped on at start,not sure if the hdd's were running had them wired up ok...although i did notice when i reinstalled my old motherboard etc back in so that i could send this mail....on boot up it started to reconfigure one of the hard drives saying disc check needed and consistency of drive..etc....I have taken out my new motherboard,CPU,powersupply...for the time being until i can resolve this issue....the button lit up on the front panel.... when i turned it on...I put in the hdd two pin,the power,and reset...I can send you the make of the mother board and some photo's of my computer outside and in...if that helps...I did notice though that when i put the old motherboard back in...I could not remember the configuration of the hdrive leads...one of them is a sata so that was ok....the other is an ide...the dvd-rw is also ide...also because i took my Emu audio processor out of the old mother board and put it in the new one...When i put the old mother board back in when i boot up...It says found new hardware...but i need the disc for this and carillon did not give me one when i bought the computer because thier business wants them to upgrade the system...which i think is a bit sniddy if you ask me... What i will do is send some photo's of all the components and the led,reset,power connection...plus any other connections...can not think why it did not boot...might have put the led,reset,power in wrong on the front of the mother board... thanks for all your help...everyone.. cheers.. ps i dont think you can post photo's can you?

  pleiadian 22:01 04 Jul 2011

Just like to also say...the components that i bought are worth it...once this computer is upgraded it will be super fast ive got two 4 gb ram..and an i7 CPU...cheers

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