Upgrading my computer

  bennyc 14:18 08 Nov 2003

I am upgrading the CPU, RAM and motherbaord on my computer and have bought this PCU click here this motherboard click here and the following RAM click here as you can probably tell it was a cheap upgrade. But the problem I have is that when i boot the computer up the monitor stays on standby and the BIOS gives out 2 second beeps and pauses then another 2 second beep, with doesn't stop.

I've looked for the BIOS beeping coders for the BIOS (Phoenix) but can't find this one - click here .

I've tried using the components (RAM and graphics card)from another machine and they have the same problem.

Any help on this would be much apprechated as i've about had it with this computer.

  Gongoozler 14:27 08 Nov 2003

Hi bennyc. There is no reason why you shouldn't get excellent results with this motherboard and processor. I have built 2 computers with the Syntax motherboard, and both are working fine. The beep pattern is telling you that there is a memory problem. If you look at the specifications on page 2 of your manual you will see that the motherboard supports PC1600 or PC2100 DDR memory, so I think that your PC2700 is the problem.

  bennyc 14:42 08 Nov 2003

Thanks for that Gongoozler, i'll see what i can find out then coz i tried a module of RAM from my best computer in it but i guess that was too good as well.

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