Upgrading from MS Office XP to Office 2007

  Amer 13:46 31 May 2010

Hi everyone,

Can I ask, if I upgrade from Office XP to Office 2007, am I likely to have any problems in respect of my existing documents (opening or modifying them)? And if I produce documents on Office 2007 and then send them to someone who has an older Office package, can they still open it?

Thanks for any help in advance


  martjc 14:03 31 May 2010

...your files. 2007 uses the new .docx filetype. It can open files created with older versions [.doc] files. If you need to send files to people with older versions, save as... using the .doc filetype.

  Amer 18:24 31 May 2010

Thanks martjc

Exactly what I needed to know


Amer Khalil

  Strawballs 19:50 31 May 2010

People with the older versions should have the compatibility pack via office updates.

I have on my laptop which has 2003 on it and have no trouble with 2007 documents

  chub_tor 20:35 31 May 2010

Office 2007 can save documents in the doc format, it's just a matter of setting it up in Options.

  skeletal 09:56 01 Jun 2010

Previous replies have mention Word. Office, of course, has several other applications, Excel being another example. What goes for Word, goes for the other apps as well. You are given the option of saving in the older formats.

There is, however, a potential problem. If you have used one of the 2007 features (in any of the apps) you may not be able to “see” the new feature when saving in the old format. You often get a warning message, during the save process, that there will be some discrepancy.

In Word, the 2003 and 2007 equation editors are totally incompatible. Indeed, it took me some time to understand why the equation editor button was greyed out in Word 2007; it was because the document had originally been written in 2003.

Access throws up some problems as well. (Indeed, much to my irritation, I’m sure there is a bug in Access 2010 that prevents databases opening in 2007, not that you need worry about that yet). Once again you can save a db in 2003 format (when using 2007 or 2010), but in this case you may have to re-engineer some things if you are making use of a lot of new features. As far as I can tell, there is no method of saving a 2010 file to 2007 (because they are supposed to be the same, ho hum!), you always have to go back to 2003, or even 2000 formats.

I suspect that most people will only use basic functions, in which case you and your 2003 equipped colleagues should have no problems.


  Amer 19:16 01 Jun 2010

Hi thanks for your very detailed response Skeletel. It's never a simple solution is it.........

  MAT ALAN 19:19 01 Jun 2010

any issues between older versions and office 2007 can be resolved with the prog in the link...
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