Upgrading Motherboard/Processor etc

  Leejg 20:28 11 Sep 2003

I am looking to upgrade and wondered what you all thought about the pre built and tested motherboard kits from Watford Electronics.

click here

I was thinking about the AMD XP2800+

Anybody any thoughts.

Thanks in advance

  BarryKeith 21:25 11 Sep 2003

I'm jealous, theres no way I could afford anything like that, although I would love to have such a setup.

  Leejg 21:42 11 Sep 2003

It was cost I'm trying to keep down. If by using my existing HD, Disk drives Graphics card etc. it could be an alternative to a "new system"

  Leejg 19:37 12 Sep 2003

If I went for the new mobo above how easy would it be to set up. Is it a matter of just connecting all the components and the motherboard would do the rest or is there a little more too it.


  goonerbill 09:30 13 Sep 2003

the main problem you will have , is if you already have an o/s on ya hard drive it will have the drivers for ya old mobo and these can cause ya problems when ya install the drivers for ya new mobo.

it would be best to do a clean install of ya o/s after connecting everything else to ya new mobo ( back up all ya important data to ya slave hard drive if ya got one before installing new mobo).

connecting all ya components to ya new mobo shouldn't be any problem as most manuals have basic instructions on fitting components or do a search on the web, as there are many good sites on uprading ya pc.

  shortcircuit 10:20 13 Sep 2003

Theres nothing wrong with Watfords offer, but I would be more inclined to buy separately ,as there is a saving to be made and you will be able to buy better kit.

AsusA7v8X =£45.00
256DR Ram Crucial=£35.00
GOOD quiet heatsink=£10.00

= £195.00

Watford £217.00

With the money saved...get yourself another 256mb of ram.

These prices are from ebuyer and I have built many a pc with this spec and all are superb. The motherboard is a cinch to set up with negligible input from yourself. Just plug together and switch on.I have no experience with MSI boards. They should be ok tho.
As Goonerbill said..you MIGHT need a clean install. I would..as if you are going to build such a good system,why spoil it with possible conflict ions with software.

All things considered...the choice is yours. I feel that you would do better with buying Asus and Crucial, but to get the prices I quoted..you will have to take the chance of ordering with Ebuyer!!

  Leejg 16:50 13 Sep 2003

shortcircuit & goonerbill

The Pre made and tested set up from Watfords attracted me as I am only just past the basics of modifying.If it is best to reinstall my o/s would it be better to buy a new HD and install Xp and use my old one as a slave. If I did this would I be able to move my data between the two easily?


  RichieT 17:22 13 Sep 2003

when I home built my computer it wasn't all the components and cables I found a problem just fitting the heat sink on top of the Athlon chip
you could easily end up with a screwdriver through your motherboard and thats after following the advice form the heatsink website
I would suggest buying your mothrtboard and chip from your local computer shop, not High Street, and paying them a small fee to fit the chip and sink for you

Do not be afraid to tackle it yourself. PCA had an excellent 3 part series on building your own computer recently and back copies are available.

Alternatively have a look at this site by PC Tech which takes you through again. Even if you decide not to follow the advice by shortcircuit (which I endorse), you will learn a lot for the future.

click here

Remember also that free advice is always available here on the forum.

It would be better to start from scratch with a new hard disk and a new install of XP. You can transfer a lot using the built in wizard in XP - open Help and type in 'Files and Settings Transfer Wizard'.

If it is purely Data then leave it where it is on the second hard drive and just move My Documents to the same place.

If you right-click on My Documents and select Properties you can then select Move from the next screen and place My Documents wherever you please.


  Leejg 19:44 13 Sep 2003

Thanks everyone

One last post and I'll click this resolved.

Is it ok to have a second HD with an other O/S installed(Me)and can you recommend a mobo which is very easy to set up has onboard sound and works well with a AMD2800.

You can only install ME on the primary hard disk however XP can go anywhere.

If you are talking about dual-booting your system then I would recommend that you put ME on first and then XP. XP has its own dualboot facility built in and when you start up you will be given the choice of OS to start.


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