Upgrading a Motherboard and CPU - Help required

  Joseph Francis Kelly 18:12 26 Oct 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope I am putting this in the correct place! I am currently using a good desktop, but I am in need of advice on how to upgrade it in the future. I am currently running with 16gb of DDR3 RAM, an nvidia GTX 960 (4gb), a standard ACER Base board, an AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7 (12 compute cores 4C + 8G, 3.5ghz, 2 cores) and a 420w Corsair power supply. Now my issue is not knowing the specifications of my motherboard, I am not sure what an upgrade would be on my current board + processor, and what would be compatible.

If I also add some further information, my want for an upgrade comes from an inability to load worlds on some more modern games, e.g. fallout 4 will stop mid game and load the world for up to 2 minutes before allowing me to continue (regardless of graphics settings) and visa versa with GTA 5, though that won't stop, more along the lines of the ground simply disappearing.

If you have any ideas what I could do to improve my setup and/or fix my issue, I would welcome any advice and help you can offer. My thanks in advance,


  Burn-it 15:47 01 Nov 2016

The olnly possible way of stopping that is to have massive amounts of RAM. Even then it would take time to reload the active worlds.

  Gordon Freeman 14:54 02 Nov 2016

As a starter, I would run Systems Requirements which will tell you which elements of your system are lacking. You need to select the game(s) i.e. fallout 4 from the drop down menu, then run the test. It's a safe process, no malware, so no worries.

Regarding loading of fallout 4, are you patched up? World loading was a previous issue which Bethesda did resolve a while back.

I would hazard a guess (& that's all it is) that yr graphics would need renewing, plus your PSU. Your processor is also a weak link to my mind. I'd never go for AMD. See what the link tells you.

  Forum Editor 17:38 02 Nov 2016

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  Joseph Francis Kelly 21:58 02 Nov 2016

I appreciate the advice! I already used System requirements a little while ago, but at the time I believe I nonchalantly glazed over the results having just upgraded my GPU. A double check has indeed confirmed I should most certainly not be playing it on high settings with current CPU (GPU and other such components are at recommended levels)! Now comes the easy bit then, as running that on high is not a priority; What would be an upgrade to my current processor that will fit in an FM2 socket? I have enough knowledge to know how to replace my CPU, but very limited where it comes to finding an improvement. Again my thanks in advance.

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