upgrading the motherboard

  Fred the flour grader 14:19 07 Nov 2003

I wonder if anybody can give me a bit of advice. I am currently using pentium 3 450mhz PC which is about four years old. Dec issue of PC Advisor p171 shows (ready to instali Athlonxp1800 Motherboard kit) I am thinking of taking this route to upgrade rather than splash out on a new PC. over the past couple of years have added extra RAM, CD Rewriter and 80gb 2nd hard drive.
When I bought the PC I thought the processor speeds were easy to understand IE the faster the number the quicker it goes. I have never took that much intrest in AMD chips as mine is a Pentium, a lot of stuff I read is saying the AMD is superior for the cost but the code numbers are not relevant to the speed. IE an wp1800+ =1.53Ghz.
If I wanted to buy the separate components Processor, heatsink, fan and motherboard whats the best way to determine what goes with what? any help appreciated, thanks

  DieSse 14:26 07 Nov 2003

Some factors you need to take into account

- the existing RAM may be the wrong type for the new motherboard

- you will probably need a larger capacity power supply, if you haven't already fitted one

- if you get a complete new tower, you can always swap across the CD-writer and new second hard drive - and you then still have a complete saleable system, to offset the extra cost of buying a complete new tower. There may also be a warranty benefit too.

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