Upgrading Memory and Graphics Card

  Richard Madeley 19:34 09 Mar 2003

My aging Packard Bell iConnect 1250 now looks a bit pathetic next to what you can get for the same price at the moment. Same old story.

If I upgrade my paltry 64MB do I have to remove the old memory altogether and insert(say)a fresh 128MB module? Or can I just add 128MB into a dimm(?) slot. Apparently I need 168 pin Dimm SDRAM. Is it cheap? What's the difference between pc100 and pc133? Does my existing memory have to correspond with these figures? My manual says that the BIOS updates automatically on auto detecting new memory. Will it be this easy?

I have Intel 810 integrated graphics which has been fine so far (even with 3D games). I can't find any mention of an AGP slot in my documentation. Can I upgrade my Graphics using a PCI slot? If I can, do you have to disable the 810 when a new card is installed or will both run simultaneously? I'll never play Unreal 2 but I quite fancy AVP2 or Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Any ideas, recommendations or links?

  MAJ 19:39 09 Mar 2003

It should be dead simple to upgrade your memory, providing PB have given you enough space to get into the case. click here For the type of memory you require for your PC.

  MAJ 19:44 09 Mar 2003

Oh forgot to say, Richard Madeley, take out the 64 Module already in there and put the new, larger module in the first slot with the 64 in the second. PC133 RAM is faster than PC100 RAM, it looks like your PC will accept PC133 RAM.

I'll let others more capable advise you on the graphics card. I'm not a gamer.

PS How's Judy.;-)

  MAJ 19:46 09 Mar 2003

Only put the 64 back in if it is the same speed as the new module.

  Djohn 19:51 09 Mar 2003

Yes, you will need to disable the onboard graphics, and if you don't have an AGP slot, you can buy a PCI card, not as fast as AGP but will be an improvement on your present one.

Unless you ar an ardent gamer, and every last frame rate counts, then you will not notice much difference between a card costing, £50-00 to £60-00 and one costing several hundred. J.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 09 Mar 2003

It should just be a matter of slotting in another memory chip. PC100 and PC133 refer to the memory speeds. If your PC has a Celeron processor for example it'll run at 100 Mhz so you'd want PC100. I'm always a bit wary of advising on upgrades to branded systems so I'd have a look at the Packard Bell website for their memory upgrades and get what they say is compatible, though not necessarily from them as I presume they'll be quite expensive.
Regarding the Bios, forget about it, it will detect the new memory you won't have to do a thing.
Its easy to tell if you have an AGP slot on your computer, its quite a bit shorter than the PCI slots which are white and the AGPs are brown in colour. You can get Geforce 2 MX cards which will fit in a PCI slot but I don't know if you'll have to disable the on board graphics yourself or whether the computer will do it for you but I'm sure the Packard Bell website will tell you.

  Totally-braindead 19:54 09 Mar 2003

Sorry I'm such a slow typist that the others had answered your questions before I'd finished typing in my answers

  powerless 19:59 09 Mar 2003

PCI eh?

Well to play AVP2 you'll need the best card you can buy.

Now to the card...

Heres one...

click here (Verto Geforce4 MX440Se PCI 64Mb - £69.33 )

If you can afford it get 256MB+ RAM. That will also help...

  Totally-braindead 20:04 09 Mar 2003

Powerless, I was thinking of something along the line of a GeForce 2 MX Dabs.com sell a PCI one for £35.50. Don't know if the GeForce 4 is worth an extra £35. Agree about the memory though.
Richard what speed is your computer?

  powerless 20:08 09 Mar 2003

If he he can afford it then go for it.

and/or get the GF2 and get some more RAM.

Options are open.

  powerless 20:08 09 Mar 2003

If he he can afford it then go for it.

and/or get the GF2 and get some more RAM.

Options are open.

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