upgrading memory

  ding dong dave 19:56 27 Aug 2006

i want to upgrade my memory to 1GB as i only have 512MB at the moment, my motherboard will support it, as long as it is PC2700/PC2100. what i want to know is what will happen if i go for a different PC say 3200.
any comments greatly appreciated.


  sean-278262 20:25 27 Aug 2006

It will run at the maximum speed that is supported of 2700. Check if there are any Bios updates for your Mobo as it may have upgrades to what is supported.

The board will default to whatever is its maximum if you use higher spec ram. However this is not to say that the ram is definately supported as there are other factors. click here would be the best place to check and then use DAB.com to find the same stick but cheaper by searching the product number.


  SANTOS7 20:26 27 Aug 2006

as long as it is PC2700/PC2100 so that should tell you that PC3200 is not compat with your MOBO, well not strictly tue it will probablt run but at the slower speed of the memory already installed
click here use the link it will give you exactly what you need to upgrade...

  ding dong dave 20:32 27 Aug 2006

so if i install one of pc 3200 it wont do any damage?

  SANTOS7 21:08 27 Aug 2006

No damage, it just won't run if its not compat,If all other elements of the stick are compat with what you have already, bung it in and see what happens..

  ding dong dave 21:32 27 Aug 2006

thanks for ya advice santos7

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