Upgrading to ME from 98

  Halmer 19:47 19 Nov 2003

I still have my old ME disc and would like to install this on the PC that has been given to my lad. It currently has Win 98.

I've got rid of a lot of the rubbish that came with the PC but guess that it will perform OK for him if I format and reload ME.

It is a Pentium 2, 400 odd MGHZ with 128 RAM.

I am aware of the basics but have never done this before. The drive is partitioned at the moment but I understand that IO can get rid of this.

Would someone be patient and good enought to talk me throough it please? I have a bootable ME disc apparently.

  leo49 19:59 19 Nov 2003
  Halmer 20:23 19 Nov 2003

it looks complicated. How do I get rid of Win 98 in the first place?

Thanks by the way.

  leo49 20:29 19 Nov 2003

Don't be put off - like most things explaining it is far more complicated than doing it.Suggest you read the 3 articles referred to on the 2nd Link in the "Things to read " section - the txt file on ME CD is particularly informative.

  sattman 22:29 19 Nov 2003

Is the Win Me a full system or a upgrade for Win 98

Obviously if it is a upgrade it will involve much less work such as having to set up new drivers etc.

A upgrade is not a clean installation but might save you a lot of problems finding drivers.

  Halmer 23:03 19 Nov 2003

is a full upgrade.

I ran the CD and it told me so.

  dazzling (work) 00:34 20 Nov 2003

bang the cd in and it will do it for you. if you get stuck you know where to come.p.s do you really need to upgrade to win me 98se is quite good i had nothing but trouble with me.darren

  ahales42 00:49 20 Nov 2003

the only upgrade for 98 is 98se. believe me you do NOT want to install ME. it is the most awful programme ever.

  dazzling (work) 00:53 20 Nov 2003

now youve done it long thread coming.darren

  ahales42 00:56 20 Nov 2003

no doubt it will include spelling programme as program. :)

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