Upgrading a manufactured gaming pc

  Oxy_cry 18:05 15 Nov 2018

So I have a manufactur pre-built gaming pc, a predator G-6 with G-force gtx 1080 and 16 gb ram and Intel core I7 but I notice inside the case their is poor airflow and poor cabel management and i would like to replace the case for newer better air flow and cable management one and maybe change the mother board but my problem with is the manufactured case come with a built in overclock button and I like the logo that appears every time i turn it on. i dont want to ruin the computer by putting parts the manufactur didn't intend for the computer to have. What should i do?

  wee eddie 18:38 15 Nov 2018

How do you know that there is poor airflow and the cable management can probably be sorted with "cable" ties

  KEITH 1955 19:27 15 Nov 2018

Proving the componants fit your new case I don't think you will have a problem , I have a zotac branded gtx 1080 in a coolermaster half x case currently on amazon for £189 but of course their are cheaper cases around. To be realistic I don't think putting the guts of your pc in another case matters just imagine you had an accident and damaged the case are you supposed to throw everything away !

With regards to your logo issue just forget about it , mine used to start with the pc specialist logo ( they custom built it ) but after a bios update the loading screen changed to republic of gamers (ROG).

With regards to the overclock I have a somewhat strange answer for you , after the rig was delivered to me I explored the 1080 disc contents and found what I thought was a free game , when I loaded it , it turned out to be an overclocking program. I wrote to zotac as I know nothing about overclocking. The guy who answered me said and I quote " you do not need to use the software program as the 1080 has the ability to overclock itself when put under stress".

I can only tell you what he said as I don't know if his statement is true or not.

If you want to see my rig details as a guide , type my game breaker rig into your browser and click the top entry , their is a lot to read ( 2 yrs ago ) because the edit text button did not work.

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