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  TDI90 14:59 18 May 2011


Long time lurker and user of the site but I forgot my password to both this and my old email. Silly me.


My old Toshiba P300 - 150 fell and broke and I got a spare off a family member which was a P300 - 19P.

My old one had a Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T8300 rated at 2.4Ghz and a FSB of 800. The replacement has a P8400 rated at 2.2 Ghz and a FSB of 1066.

My first question is which is actually faster for raw power? I am an audio engineer so this goes beyond the realms of normal multitasking as when I search on google people say they are basically the same for every day use.

I, rather naively, assumed my old CPU was better since the clock speed was faster so I went about and swapped out the CPU's. Now that I have noticed the FSB I am not so sure, I know the difference could only be minor between the two but I am ignorant of what the difference would be of 2.4GHZ 800FSB over 2.2 GZ 1066FSB in raw grunt.

Leading on to the matter of my thread title I found out that the replacement laptop can take a surprising 8gb of RAM (DDR2 800mhz) rather then the P300-150's limit of 4GB.

It got me thinking, could the cooling, BIOS and motherboard take the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Mobile QX9300?

While I type I just have Firefox open and its idling at 38 degrees C. The max it hit yesterday while defragging all the partitions at the same time (two disks, two partitions each) and also doing a whole computer scan at high priority is 68 degrees C. I did this on purpose to see how hot it would get as it felt noticeably cooler then my last laptop. Probably less dust. This current one was not used too much so Ill keep an lookout for build up, especially as I now know how to dismantle one of these laptops.

At the very least could it take the Intel X9100 CPU?

I ask as I since I broke my laptop I was going bring my plans for a new desktop forward by a year or two and get a new audio desktop with a quad core i7 2600 Sandybridge and 8 or 16 GB of RAM (DDR3 1600) and I understand that the technology of the newer computer would mean it would eat up my laptop even if I could upgrade it to the QX9300 and 8gb of RAM but I don't think I could quite push the new audio desktop so far as to make it break a sweat so I could get another few years out of the laptop and save some money. ish. =p

Toshiba P300 19P http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?service=UK&com.broadvision.session.new=Yes&PRODUCT_ID=1055914#0

x9100 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=35431

t8300 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=33099

p8400 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=35569

qx9300 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=36727

http://3xs.scan.co.uk/ShowSystem.asp?SystemID=1218 Configure it to the 2600 Sandybridge (or 2600k, I dunno what is better) and 8Gb of ram. I can get 16 if I wish also with that model.

That is an example of the system I was looking at. I know I could never reach that it with my laptop but I am trying to maximise the life as much as I can as the P300 has been a completely solid workhorse over the three years I have used one.

Even if I could upgrade the laptop to Win7 64bit and do as much as I could with the CPU and RAM (I hope the x9100 at least) then I could have a great portable workhorse for location recording and mixing as well as a great desktop. I am assuming that I can go to 64bit on the fact the processors say they are 64 bit. Would the motherboard give out if I went Win7 64? I suppose it wouldn't.

I have emailed Toshiba about this and although I told them I understood their policy on swapping CPU's I fear I may just get a legal reply with regards to the CPU.

Thanks all! This is very confusing for me. Too many options that seem viable!

  TDI90 15:04 18 May 2011

Sorry about the links. I thought the new forum layout (new to me anyway) would put the links in.

Toshiba P300 19P





Scan DAW Configure it to the 2600 Sandybridge (or 2600k, I dunno what is better) and 8Gb of ram. I can get 16 if I wish also with that model.

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