Upgrading laptop memory...easy to do??

  dmm27 10:48 28 Nov 2006

How easy is it to increase memory in a laptop yourself?

I have an IBM X21 that only has 256MB and could do with some more!


  ed-0 11:17 28 Nov 2006

Page 59 click here

It's pdf manual, so give it a moment or two to load.

  keith-236785 11:26 28 Nov 2006

i have a DELL laptop and fitting some extra memory was as simple as removing the cover underneath, putting the new memory stick in, closing the cover again and booting up.

mine too had 256MB, i put a further 512 in and it has made such a massive difference to the speed of the laptop.

Crucial memory have a memory picker on their website that helps you choose the correct memory, it is pretty cheap and offers free (very fast) delivery.

that is only my opinion but i trust crucial.

please note that in my experience, memory should be introduced at a 45° angle and then pressed down until it clicks into place....please be careful

  ed-0 11:31 28 Nov 2006

If you have to take memory out of the laptop, ease the white lugs, at each end, outwards. The memory moduel will then flip down. You just then lift it out.

To insert new memory Re :- paperman27

  crosstrainer 11:34 28 Nov 2006

It is an easy job, but make sure that you have the correct memory for your laptop. I recently upgraded my acer from 1gb to 2gb and it has made a big difference. The thing to check is what sticks you have in there now? If you have 2x128 you might be stuck with removing the smaller modules, and buying bigger ones

  ed-0 13:24 28 Nov 2006

All of this seems to be academic. It would seem that the X21 ( 2660 ) has just one dimm slot and the maximum for that is 256Mb. click here. What you already have.

The X21 ( 2662 )says it can take 384Mb of ram, but with just one dimm slot and the same maximum of 256Mb, it looks as if you could be at your limit on that one. :-(

Sorry about that, but it saves you buying it and then finding out.

  dmm27 23:51 28 Nov 2006

oh well, at least I found out before spending cash

thanks all

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