Upgrading Laptop Graphics Card

  adam_huxtable 16:50 23 Jul 2005

Hi I own a Toshiba A60 - 181 Laptop, in the manual it says i am capable of upgrading the graphics card to 128mb. At the moment it is 64mb, the graphics is build on to the motherboard, so I cant buy a normal one. I have looked on the Toshiba website an manual and it don't tell me how to upgrade it. I would e-mail them and ask how to do it but i cant find no e-mail address for them. If anyone can help, will be much appreciated.

  woodchip 17:03 23 Jul 2005

Not Possible and would cost more than it's worth. Before you even think about it, try finding a card. Plus it more likely a built into MOBO Graphics as most are. If you want a Laptop to do games then you cannot buy one on the cheap then expect to be able to upgrade it.

  Belatucadrus 20:01 23 Jul 2005

I can't see an e-mail address on their website, but here's a link click here for Toshiba e-support forum.

Toshiba telephone number 0870 444 8936.

Woodchip, a quick browse of the spec seems to indicate that the RAM allocated to graphics can be increased from 64 to 128Mb I suspect it's done in the BIOS, but not having an A60 handy to check it can't say how it's done.

  adam_huxtable 21:09 23 Jul 2005

I have gone into the bios and i cant find nothing that will allow me to change the graphics card.

  woodchip 21:28 23 Jul 2005

You cannot change the Graphics card but the Onboard card can use up to the Maximum amount of memory allowed by BIOS or it can be reduced. It uses System Memory, there by reducing the physical memory left for programs etc

  phono 21:43 23 Jul 2005

You are quite correct, video and system memory are shared, you can up the amount of video RAM, thereby reducing the amount of system RAM, in other words, "you rob Peter to pay Paul", so to speak.

The best option would be to install more, or bigger, memory modules in any RAM expansion slot(s) available, that is if 128mb of graphics RAM is absolutely essential.

  phono 21:44 23 Jul 2005

You beat me to it.

  Completealias 22:04 23 Jul 2005

It is done from in the BIOS again not knowing the exact location of it you'll have to have a look about

  Belatucadrus 23:00 23 Jul 2005

From his previous post click here , the laptops got 512Mb, so IMHO, he's got a bit of leeway to increase graphics memory. and it's the only solution likely to address the gaming problem.

  adam_huxtable 23:17 23 Jul 2005

how would i go abouts allowing the video ram using more of the system ram, exact steps please

Thank you guys :)

  woodchip 23:28 23 Jul 2005

When you start your computer you have to press a key to enter setup. it should say on screen. Something like "To enter setup press Del" it could be F1 or F2 or some other key but it should say as computer starts to boot. If you get into BIOS DO NOT PANIC, the mouse does not work in DOS. but in bottom right corner of screen you will see how to use the BIOS. you use like Arrow keys to move between pages Enter key to open a Page and it may say Enter beside another line so you can get to more settings Up key and Down key will change like from disabled to Enabled and increase memory or decrease memory if you find the page, or use arrow keys to change values. you have to save settings or it will not change it when you exit settings. also to close a Page press Escape key top left of keyboard

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