upgrading IE 5.00 to IE 6?

  polymath 20:55 29 Jul 2003

I have Internet Explorer 5.00, and Windows Update keeps offering me the IE6 Service Pack SP1.

I'm using Win 98SE, and Win. Update seems to 'know' that. Does it also know I have IE 5.00? I just wanted to check that the download wouldn't cause any problems with my setup, but can't find confirmation on the Update site.

I read somewhere, I think, that IE6 Service Pack SP1 includes the full IE6; also that there's no need to uninstall as it overwrites previous versions, and existing settings stay there. Is that all correct?

Thanks in advance - experience has made me cautious about installations!

  john-232317 21:03 29 Jul 2003

I put 6 over 5 no probs at all, all settings emails and contacts stayed. regards john

  User-312386 21:10 29 Jul 2003

once you upgrade to IE6 you CAN NOT go back to an earlier version unless you completely uninstall IE

All existing setting do stay

  Valvegrid 21:14 29 Jul 2003

You can install IE6 no problems at all. It actually loads as a separate program to IE5. If you like you can remove IE5 entirely from your system with 98lite.

As a matter of interest my windows folder is 220MB without the rubbish.

click here


  polymath 18:23 30 Jul 2003

Many thanks all. I'll go ahead with the IE6 Service Pack SP1, but probably on Saturday morning, what with other updates to download too (& pay-as-you-go dialup!)

Maybe it was from the Win. Update site that I gathered that the SP1 download is the full IE6, not just a patch for existing IE6, but I'll check before downloading (it seems smaller than I expected for the the full IE).

  Stuartli 20:27 30 Jul 2003

After you download the intial setup file for IE6, it will highlight in bold type what you already have installed and request you to confirm which additional features you require installing.

As stated by dadyassa all your necessary settings and configuration are maintained.

  polymath 16:34 03 Aug 2003

Post script; I've now upgraded from EI 5.0 to IE6, but still haven't managed to download the MS IE6 Service Pack 1, after repeated attempts.

The other 3 or 4 critical service packs & updates suggested by MS (including a sizeable one) downloaded without a hitch, but IE6 SP1 always failed after starting.

I went to MS's program download pages instead, & found IE6 (indeed much larger than IE6 Service Pack 1). Having embarked on the (estimated 1 1/2 hour) download, I checked for copies of IE6 in my bunch of CDs. Lo & behold, there it was on a PCAdvisor cover disk!

Download cancelled, it installed fine from the CD (overwriting OE5, and keeping all my settings as the above Helproom Angels point out).

Back at Windows Updates, 9 critical ones were now suggested, still including EI6 SP1. The other 8 downloaded OK, but SP1 still refused (even after I tried turning off anti-virus software - I'd forgotten up to then!)

The help section at Updates didn't yield a relevant FAQ except relating to error messages (I don't get one). The user forum had some similar questions, but I couldn't find any answers (could that perhaps be something to do with the postings displaying the writer's email address for all to see? I'd email an answer rather than post it, in that case).

So. to sum up, I now have the latest IE. But no Service Pack 1 for it. The only remaining question is, does it matter? (I can't work it out from the Updates site).

  Stuartli 17:53 03 Aug 2003

The cover disk copy may have included the service pack - as you found, however, because of the fact it will be two or three months old, you require the updates issued since then.

I've always managed to download IE's latest versions without problems from either WindowsUpdate or the dedicated IE home page, even though I use Norton NAV and ZoneAlarm.

Norton, however, is only activated to check e-mails, the most likely source of viruses - there is little point in using the full AutoProtect and slowing up your system unnecessarily.

  polymath 21:59 04 Aug 2003

Thanks Stuartli. The cover disk was from the January '03 issue of PCAdviser (which I can only obtain when travelling!), so I'll keep trying to download that Service pack from Win. updates (at least now I know the download failure wasn't because of an old version of IE).

I'm a lightish dialup user, and don't use a firewall (especially after an unfortunate experience with a failed ZoneAlarm install!). I use PC-cillin anti-virus software, with real-time monitor on all the time except when installing stuff - it monitors all moved or opened files, & I don't think it slows things down. I turn it off for Windows Updates, because I don't know when installing might start.

Since getting my settings right a year or 2 ago (mainly Trusted Site ones), I've had no problem downloading any Windows Updates, except for this IE6 Service Pack 1, that appears as a critical update when using either IE 5.0 or 6. It's a puzzle, but I haven't given up yet.

  polymath 20:18 09 Aug 2003

Post post script; having offered me the IE6 Service Pack several times since I upgraded to IE6 (but downloading failed), Windows Update has now decided I don't need it after all! Puzzling...

That cover disk IE6 must have included the service pack, as Stuartli suggested.

So all systems go now, apart from exploring the new features.

  Valvegrid 20:34 09 Aug 2003

You should be able to check which version of IE6 you have, if you click on Help then go down to About IE6. If you have SP1 it should say so, something like 'IE6 SP1'

I hope your pleased with IE6?


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