upgrading an i3 computer,to play games

  Ozy 10:46 19 Aug 2013

my grandson upped his i3 computer by, 500w psu from 300w psu, and added a NVidia 660 graphics card.( did it for him actually) it now keeps shutting down after about 30 minutes use. the "Bell" computer case only has one 4inch case fan, and no provision for another fan does he need to buy a gaming case, or up the i3 to an i5

  Ozy 10:51 19 Aug 2013

For "Bell" read Dell

  Chronos the 2nd 11:05 19 Aug 2013

The i3 should be plenty but to really help we need to know exactly what components are in the PC.

You say i3 but which one?

What make/model of motherboard?

How much RAM?

Operating system?

  Ozy 23:08 30 Aug 2013

For “Dell” read HP 5370, Windows 8 Pro, 4Gig memory,2Gig graphics card, Mainboard MS N1996, AMIBIOS I told my grandson he did not have enough cooling in that small case, He bought a “Dantage Wildlord” gamers case, With everything in the new case, it now has 7 fans, 2 in the graphics card, 1 under the PSU, 1 12cm at the back, 2 12cm at the side, and one over the CPU. Every time the power button is pressed an error message appears. ERROR: System fan has failed, Service PC to prevent damage to the system. Press F2 to continue. This message appears even though all 7 of the fans are working at full speed Pressing F2 and the computer boots up and works normaly. Can anyone help me get rid of this message

  Chronos the 2nd 10:36 31 Aug 2013

I cannot fine this 'Dantage Wildlord' gamers case but I will add that there is really no such thing as a gamers case. A case is a case is a case.

As to your error message 'System fan has failed' sounds to me that the CPU fan has not been correctly seated in the correct header on the motherboard.

Can you provide a link to the PC as HP 5370 comes up as a scanner? But I have found this HP 1 is this it?

  martd7 10:51 31 Aug 2013

Think the case is the cit vantage gamers case warlord ?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:01 31 Aug 2013

Found it thanks.

  Ozy 14:47 31 Aug 2013

I know! I keep making mistakes, getting the maker wrong, and the case name. my excuse is I am 85 years old the case and mainboard exactly match the one you put a link to, i have checked the CPU and heat sink, they are tight down to the board.

  Ozy 08:25 01 Sep 2013

anybody got any way to get rid of this error

  Chronos the 2nd 09:25 01 Sep 2013

I meant the fan connection to the motherboard not so much the fan itself. Though it might well be a faulty fan or faulty fan sensor. Do you have spare fan/heatsink you could try?

  Ozy 21:43 01 Sep 2013

Chronos the 2nd, what you sugest makes sense,do you think an upgrade to the mainboard would have any effect? thank you for your help

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