Upgrading at home

  Rossi#1 12:00 08 Feb 2006

Just bought my first P.C. Do I risk installing more ram myself or do I shell out £15 to PC World to do it? The HP support centre makes it look easy enough.

  stalion 12:54 08 Feb 2006

we need the make and spec of your pc and memory information currently on your pc.Installing new memory is pretty straighforward but you have to make sure to install the correct memory.

  rmcqua 13:00 08 Feb 2006

It's easy. Just follow the support centre instructions. Make sure you and your work surface are ESD (static) protected. Identify which way round the new RAM module needs to go before you try to insert it. Make sure the clips at the end of the RAM slot pop up fully to indicate that the module has been correctly inserted. Don't disturb the CPU cooler or CPU fan wire/connector whilst you are doing the upgrade. If you need to rearrange any internal wiring (power cables etc.) to access the RAM socket, be gentle with it and ensure that it doesn't snag the CPU fan.

  Rossi#1 16:09 08 Feb 2006

The strange thing is when I did the Crucial test it told me I can install up to 4GB but HP say only 2.
Ive got a Compaq Presario SR1619 with an AMD3200 64bit processor 512mb RAM 160 GB hard drive and a 256mb integrated Radeon 200 graphics card.
You can see why I need extra memory and there is three spare slots.

  wee eddie 16:12 08 Feb 2006

You have quite sufficient memory for almost all tasks except Video Editing.

  Rossi#1 16:15 08 Feb 2006

Im looking to play the odd Sim/Management game so just want a wee boost.

  SG Atlantis® 16:32 08 Feb 2006

do it yourself. There's no seal on the case it won't invalidate any warranties - I have the 1639. It has four slots for RAM, Compaq says 2gb max, and that's what I put in it 4x 512mb.

Just make sure it's unplugged from the mains when you're doing it.

  rmcqua 17:40 08 Feb 2006

Actually, IF you have a mains power socket with a switch, it's best to leave it plugged into the mains but switched OFF. This way, the PC casing stays earthed and helps the static protection.

  SG Atlantis® 18:36 08 Feb 2006

Really? I have always unplugged it.

  Rossi#1 19:57 08 Feb 2006

Thanx for that. Im sure even I can do this without botching it up.

  ruskle 20:05 08 Feb 2006

rmcqua is spot on regarding earthing via socket but be sure it is switched off.


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