Upgrading hard drives

  forbesholden 13:08 22 Feb 2006

Hello all,

I am going to upgrade my hard drive and i would like to know what size a hard drive i can have. I have however heard there are restrictions as to the maximum size of the hard drive. My laptop is at the moment a basic Sony VAIO PCG-747

  Diemmess 13:20 22 Feb 2006

There are limits on some computers also influenced by the OS. What OS are you using?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 22 Feb 2006

Size limit will depend on BIOS.

How old is laptop?

  forbesholden 08:43 23 Feb 2006

The OS is currently 98 but i am getting 2000 in a couple of weeks. The laptop is probly a 98 - 99 laptop but i cant say which

  Diemmess 09:59 23 Feb 2006

I feel (from what I have gleaned from Google) that you are in difficulties with this one which has very limited upgrade possibilities.

To quote from "Overstock Auctions" talking of the RAM

[Sony VAIO PCG-747 32MB SDRAM PC66

High Quality Memory Specifically For Your System
Your Sony VAIO PCG-747 only supports modules made with a specific type of chip. Should you find what seems to be the exact same memory elsewhere for a lower price, it is very possible that the cheaper memory will not work in your computer.

Your System Information
Maximum Memory: 128 MB
Standard Memory: 32 or 64 MB (removable)
Expansion Sockets: 2 sockets]

This is just the RAM... Win 2000 will not be happy with so little.
I suggest that you do not even try the major upgrade you hope for with this elderly spec.

If you greatest need is for more disk space then consider an external hard drive which will also be very useful for transferring data if/or when you buy another computer.

  forbesholden 10:53 23 Feb 2006

But what size external hard drive work with my laptop?

  Yoda2002 11:28 23 Feb 2006

any they will come up as a removerble drive if you have a desktop your prob better of getting a case and internel drive and "build you own" be warned thou you will need a desktop to format the drive first before it will work in the case (if you build it youself) or you just by a premade one and plug and play!

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