Upgrading Graphics card, driver installation.

  JasonWarren 20:11 08 Dec 2014

Hi , I'm new to PC DIY and have a question. I'm fitting a new graphics card ( Nvidia GTX 750ti ) to my PC ( Asus M31ad ) to replace the one it came with, also an Nvidia. The integrated graphics are disabled in BIOS ( I presume ) as I have only ever been able to use my monitor plugged into the display ports on the card. ( The ones on the motherboard don't work ). I have already upgraded the PSU with no problems at all. My question is, when I have removed the old graphics drivers, then removed the old card followed by installing the new card and plugging the monitor back into the new card will I be able to see anything on the monitor when I turn the PC back on. Does windows have basic generic drivers pre-installed to enable me to use the new card prior to installing its drivers or am I going to be left with a blank screen. I have been having a difficult time getting into BIOS due to the high speed that windows 8.1 boots up, my wireless keyboard and monitor don't seem to switch on quick enough for me to be able to press the DEL button at the correct time, so I can't even get in there to enable the integrated graphics, which would help. Am I worrying about nothing, because I don't want to be left with a blank screen due to not being able to install the new drivers. Please help!!!

  iscanut 20:15 08 Dec 2014

You should see a VGA screen thus enabling you to use the DVD/CD that came with the new card in order to install the drivers.

  JasonWarren 20:43 08 Dec 2014

Thank you, so I take it that I should hook up the monitor to the new card after I install it using the VGA lead as opposed to DVI or HDMI?

  iscanut 16:10 09 Dec 2014

You don't need to change any leads, inser the new graphics card into your pc,boot it up and then insert the cd that came with the new card and select the instal drivers option when it is displayed.

  iscanut 12:05 11 Dec 2014

How did you get on ? Is card in and working OK ?

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