Upgrading Graphics Card

  Ring7 17:10 01 Jun 2006

My computer is 4 yrs old, and I want to upgrade my existing graphics card which is "128mb nvidia gforce ti4600 with an e-gforce 7800 gt"
Not being technically minded I wondered if this was possible without any problems regarding connections and possibly having to upgrade the power supply as well.
Any help from technically minded people would be gratefully received

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:13 01 Jun 2006

The best you will do is a Geforce 7800GS as you will need an AGP card. I think it is very unlikely a four year old PC's PSU will be powerfull enough to cope with it.

  Cybermaxx 18:57 02 Jun 2006

click here

No, Mr Mistoffelees, a few better nVidia AGP cards are on sale. The first three on that page are also the best three AGP cards available. Yes, you'll need a good power supply to ensure smooth running. Which PSU do you currently have?

  Ring7 19:30 02 Jun 2006

Dear Cybermax
Thanks for your message.
I have a 300w psu do you think this will be adequate?

  Devil Fish 20:03 02 Jun 2006

i think to run a 7800 you would realistcally be looking around a 450 - 500w psu this however does depend on what else you are running on your system

  keef66 12:56 07 Jun 2006

If your pc is 4 yrs old like mine you'd be mad spending a fortune on an AGP graphics card. As well as having to buy a new beefier psu (£60-90) you might find your cpu is bottlenecking the graphics card and that you need more memory.

What's the rest of the spec and what games are you wanting to play?

  Ring7 15:58 07 Jun 2006

Dear Keef66
Yes I am having a lot of second thoughts about upgrading the graphics card as I'm not an avid games player, but I did want a card with 2 DVI sockets as I want to have 2 monitors which set me off on the upgrading of the card.
My spec is as follows:-
Its a Mesh Matrix XP2200,with
Athlon DDR 333 MHZ motherboard
AMD Athlon XP2200+ cpu
512mb(2x256B)pc2100DDR memory(266mhz)
120gbFAST 5400RPM hard drive with buffer
Then there is all the usual bits & pieces that go with it.
Many thanks for your interest

  keef66 16:39 07 Jun 2006

Virtually the same as me then.

I'd recommend a 6600gt graphics card; you can get them for as little as £85 now.
If you're really not bothered about games, look for a 6200 card (not sure about the 2 x DVI connectors but most come with 1 x DVI and 1 x VGA)
See if your current psu copes, and if not get a 400w Antec or similar psu
An extra 512 mb ram (got mine from Crucial; cheap and guaranteed)

Once you start to look at replacing anything else it involves a new motherboard, which can also mean having to do a clean install of the OS, and if you go the PCI-express route you'll need mobo, memory, cpu, graphics card, psu and maybe even a faster SATA hard drive. You'll quickly approach the price of a new system with a warranty.

  Brian1000 16:54 07 Jun 2006

Many thanks Keef66 I think your advice is very sound

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