Upgrading to a gaming PC ?

  bumahuma 23:06 25 Jan 2013

Good morning, afternoon, evening to you forumers. I need your help on upgrading my PC to a badass gaming PC. I remember posting here before, but now that the budget has increased, I've decided to post once again and give you something to break your boredom

Total Budget : 700-850$.

*PC info: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 @3.40GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 PSU: http://i.imgur.com/YgQssXK.jpg

Alright, so according to my fail of a researching session, I've noticed that my CPU is not that bad and it is pretty good for all the upcoming games and the ones we have atm. RAM is not an issue, 8GB is more than enough. My HDD is around 1 Terabyte. The issue is with my GPU though, I'm wondering if 800$ would be able to get me a good GPU + a power supply which would be able to run it, I'm also planning on buying a new gaming monitor/headset for my PC/PS3 but it's not gonna be from the budget stated in here..

Tell me what do I really need to upgrade, and give me a few names of the components you're advising me to upgrade. Also, just as a note, I'm planning to buy top-notch headsets, something like the Astro A40 2013 edition I believe ? Am I required to get a new sound card ?

Thanks for the help in advance!

  Chronos the 2nd 07:43 26 Jan 2013

Where will you be buying from? By that I mean where do you live as I see you have put your budget in dollars. Dollars are used in many countries so it would be helpful to know where you are based which will also effect the exchange rate.

If your budget is in US dollars then you have plenty of cash for your PSU and GPU if buying in the UK.

It would be helpful to know your motherboard.SIW. Download and install the free version of SIW which will tell you everything you need to now about your PC.So you will get the motherboard info here.

Looking at your image I see that your PSU is a cheap 420W unit and I think that you have a pretty basic case. I would suggest adding a new case to your list. $800 is more than enough for a decent case,PSU and graphics card.

I await your answers to my questions.

  bumahuma 09:34 26 Jan 2013

Well, I live in Qatar but I'm hoping to get all of the components from newegg/amazon and ship it over here, I'm currently registered with Aramex for shipping and their rates are pretty good: 12 american dollars for the first half kilo-gram, and an extra 9 for any added half kilo-gram. The motherboard is Intel Corporation DH67CL.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:43 26 Jan 2013

And what about my suggestion of a new case?

  bumahuma 10:10 26 Jan 2013

I wouldn't mind buying anything you suggest me to get as long as it's in the 800$ budget. I do indeed have a basic case and I wouldn't mind getting a new one for space/+coolness. Could you suggest me a GPU+PSU+Case to get from newegg/amazon with links ?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:21 26 Jan 2013

A quick look on Amazon.

GPU: Evga GTX670 £290. $459.5

PSU: Corsair Builder Series 600W £54.53. $86.18

Case: Fractal design R3 £64.40. $101.78

Total = £409.68. $647.46. Which gives you plenty for delivery charges. Obviously the case is a personal choice but I have one of these and they are great cases. But of course the choice is yours. The PSU is a good one from Corsair and will more than enough cover your power requirements as for the GTX 670 graphics card it is the one to beat at a good price point and will play anything you throw at it on very high or ultra settings.

  bumahuma 10:56 26 Jan 2013
  Chronos the 2nd 11:02 26 Jan 2013

Your links do not work. Please test them before posting but I might add it is not your fault this site is not user friendly particularly for new members.

If you cannot post links then just post make and model of items on Newegg. I see they also have a stock number beginning with N towards the top and to the right of the page.

  bumahuma 11:10 26 Jan 2013
  Chronos the 2nd 11:22 26 Jan 2013

OK you do not need a 750W PSU that is totally overkill and as for the GTX 680 4GB, As far as the 670 / 680 debate goes, 670 is almost as fast, so it's really hard to justify 680's price premium. You will unlikely utilise the 680 4Gb of Vram anyway.If you were perhaps going to be gaming over multiple monitors then I might be inclined to recommend it but for a single monitor the 670 is more than enough.

  bumahuma 11:32 26 Jan 2013

I'm posting this now but honestly I'm hoping to buy the stuff after 3 months, sadly though new things will be released so what you advised me to buy will probably change right ?

Anyways, thanks a lot for your recommendations and your time, now I have a lot in mind on what my PC will be like in 3 months. I'll probably be posting here again in-case what you suggested me changed and could be something better.

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