upgrading from g to n wirless

  chippy+ 11:56 22 Feb 2010

hi could anyone help at the moment i have got a virgin g router and setup a home network with 6 pcs, i have now been given a n router which i hope will speed up the internet with more than one pc on line at a time what i would like to know is how to change over routers and keep my password Chippy

  User-1229748 12:38 22 Feb 2010

are you cable or adsl?what router is it?i'm using an n router with virgin adsl and it detected the broadband account when plugged in so filled in same user and password.also if you are adsl how did you get the n router cos i upgraded from 10mb to 20mb and they won't give me an n router so i had to buy my own :o(

  chippy+ 13:56 22 Feb 2010

hi smackheadz
i am connected by virgin cable my old router was faulty and i asked for it to be replaced with n router i have been with ntl/virgin for about 20 years i was told by the engineer to connect the router the way i connected my old one the put in the setup disc this i opposit from the instruction manual it states put the disc in first thanks Chippy

  mgmcc 14:33 22 Feb 2010

You shouldn't need to use a setup disk to configure a Cable/DSL router. Connect any PC to it by ethernet cable, *not* wirelessly, and type its IP address into your web browser to open its configuration pages.

If you don't know its IP address, open a Command Prompt window and run the command IPCONFIG /ALL. Look for the Default Gateway address which will be the router's IP address.

Within the Wireless Security settings, you can enter your existing encryption type and key. You can also change the SSID to match that of your old router, but you will probably still have to delete the existing "profiles" in the PCs that connect wirelessly and go through the procedure to "Connect" again.

>>> i have now been given a n router which i hope will speed up the internet

To benefit from an 802.11n router, the computers that connect wirelessly will need to have compatible 'n' adapters installed. Unless you have Virgin's 50Mbps service, your old 'g' router would already have been faster than the internet connection, although you could still benefit from increased bandwith with multiple computers sharing the 'n' connection.

  chippy+ 16:33 22 Feb 2010

hi mgmcc
just finished useing d-link router disk put in existing name and password and all 8 pcs connected and shared 4 wireless and 4 wired with shared printers thanks Chippy

  User-1229748 17:17 22 Feb 2010

glad it went well for you :o) how i wish my address was able to cable :o(

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