Upgrading to DVD Rewriter is PC compatible

  paulfr 21:12 14 Feb 2006

PC running Pentium 4 CPU 1.7 ghz with 640 mb Ram. I have DVD reader but want to replace with DVD writer Will the spec of my machine be able to cope. Want to use it to convert family videos to DVD - nothing fancy. Any help appreciated

  hzhzhz 21:30 14 Feb 2006

I would say, no problem. Perhaps dont have toooo many other progs running when doing your vids, just to save any possible hassle.

  rmcqua 11:53 15 Feb 2006

Yes, you should be fine. Just don't expect it to be blisteringly fast.

  Smiler 17:22 15 Feb 2006

A dvd will not convert videos to dvd's you will need some way of getting the videos onto the hard disc and also a program to covert the files to fit on a dvd, Pinnacle etc

  paulfr 18:12 15 Feb 2006

Thank you very much....I had not thought about software is pinacle the best/easiest to use?

  stalion 18:22 15 Feb 2006

software for dvd etc click here

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