Upgrading desk top with new components

  cruiser2 14:38 05 Jul 2013

Existing Desktop has following. Antec 300 Mini tower EZCool 650watt PSU Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 CPU Asus P5QL/EPU Motherboard $GB DDR 2 Corsair Dominator 800 MHZ Ram ATI Radeon HD3870 Graphics card Seagate 750GB Sata Hard drive Pioneer 217 Sata Dual layer writer LG Sata DVD ROM Windows 7 32 bit disc and licence.

Am thinking of upgrading to an Intel core i5 4430 128 GB 2.5 MSAT 6Gbs Solid State hard drive. I use it mainly for word processing, photo and video editing and emails as well as some gaming. Any advice much appreciated.

  Ian in Northampton 14:42 05 Jul 2013

I'm not sure a socket 775 motherboard will take a Core i5...

  Chronos the 2nd 15:10 05 Jul 2013

If you are upgrading to an i5 CPU you will a socket 1155 motherboard. Unfortunately your PSU is one that I would certainly not want in my PC and you graphics card is very basic, but that does depend on what sort of games you like to play. Your RAM would also need top be ungraded to DDR 3. Good news is that you can sell your current socket 755 components which will help your budget.

You really need to come up with a budget before we can really help you.

Your 750HDD and optical drive are fine as is the new 128GB SSD. Nice case ,I have had one of these in my time.

  wiz-king 16:07 05 Jul 2013

I feel you would be better off to sell it and start again.

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