upgrading from DDR2 to DDR3 problem

  Manestream 17:52 02 Oct 2008

Hi, i have just got some corsair DDR3 memory, however i am having a problem. After installing it on windows boot-up i am getting a blue screen with your computer had a problem, therefore windows is closing down to save your computer from harm. At the bottom (if your quick) you can just notice a message saying dumping cache memory (this screen only lasts like 1-2 seconds).

After this the PC reboots but always fails to load windows, keeps comming up with this blue screen full of text. I rang the place i purchased the memory and they said i may need to re-install my entire system because your upgrading from DDR2 to DDR3 but i have never had or heard of having to do this in all the other memory types in the past 18yrs?

I have an Asus p5KC board, windows vista ultimate with SP1 and all updates. Am currently running my old kingstone DDR2 800mhz memory again and am wondering if it could be a motherboard problem or memory problem? or if it is actually something else?

Thanlks for any help given here.

  [email protected] 18:06 02 Oct 2008

Maybe, just maybe.
If the BIOS memory setting has been manually set to your DDR2 modules it may be the reason the system won't accept the DDR3.
Worth a try - have a look in the BIOS settings and see if "automatically detect memory speed" has been selected.

  [email protected] 18:08 02 Oct 2008

PS: I don't think the purchase place really knows what they are saying ;-)

  Manestream 18:16 02 Oct 2008

i went in there and it was set to auto detect.

  [email protected] 19:05 02 Oct 2008

Seems there are memory issues with this board. Have read here and it may throw some light on your problem: click here

  Manestream 19:26 02 Oct 2008

ahh right, so the board has problems with DDR3 which sounds like what i am having when putting in the DDR3 memory. Think i will return the memory and get a refund on it and wait for a later date. Hopefully they will fix this with a possible flashing of the board (hopefully) for now i will just have to stick with the DDR2 800mhz memory.

Thx for that

  Manestream 18:12 03 Oct 2008

hmmm, after doing some more checking, seems to be major issue's with the memory problem. 2gb DDR2 800mhz only seem to work, any more than that has issue's anything better than 800mhz with DDR2 seems to not work and either has same problem or just runs at 800mhz. DDR3 seems to not work at all.

Me thinks i am gonna have the board exchanged, it sounds like a complete load of tripe that shouldnt have ever been released for sale to me.

Thx for your help wotbus. much appreciated

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