Upgrading cpu

  Installer. 20:44 10 Mar 2003

I'm upgrading from a 1Ghz Athlon (Thunderbird) to a Athlon Xp2400+ 2Ghz.

I know that I shall have to change the fsb, but my mobo has a Vcore adjustment which is set to default at the moment.

Does this or anything else need changing?

  rct 21:45 10 Mar 2003

You may need a BIOS upgrade, check the mobo manufacturer's website to ensure that XP2400+ is supported.

  Installer. 21:50 10 Mar 2003

my mobo supports upto Xp2600+ so bios should be fine, I meant bios settings thanks anyway rct.

  stumps 14:13 19 Mar 2003

I have rently upgraded my CPU from 1000Ghz to a Athlon Thunderbird 1.33 Ghz 266 Side bus.

I changed the dip switches on the M/B to the configuration from the manual.
The machine worked 1st time but I just get the feeling that the machine is not quiet as speedy as with the 1000Ghz Chip in place.
Have I missed something in the set up or are there BIOS changes to be made as well?

The M/B is a Soltek 75 KAV
Power supply is rated to Athlon requirements.

Anyone help?

  Rayuk 18:28 19 Mar 2003

Leave everything to autodetect first.
If it doesnt show as 2GHz then change fsb to 133 as you said.
You shouldnt have to alter anything else.

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