Upgrading CPU

  collectorman 22:53 21 Jan 2010

Hi, I am planning on upgrading my PC and am hoping someone can tell me what the best Duo Core 2 or Quad CPU is best and if it is worth upgrading.

Thank you

My machine specs:

Motherboard...ASUS P5W DH Deluxe. ATI Crossfire.
CPU...Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2.40 GHz.
RAM...4 GB.
Graphics... 2 ATI Radeon 3870s
Windows Vista 32 bit.

  Bazz2000 23:27 21 Jan 2010

Basically mate just look at any socket 775 cpu and decide what you want to pay. ebuyer .com is a good place to look.

  collectorman 23:32 21 Jan 2010

I am looking for the best Processor for gaming not necessarily the most expensive.

  Bazz2000 23:39 21 Jan 2010

I use my pc for gaming too, Assasins creed, Dragon age origins and the like. Ive got the same cpu as you. My mate has a top of the range core 2 quad and the same graphics card (geforce 7900gs) and his dosent play any games noticably quicker than mine.
If I had to choose I would buy this. click here

  collectorman 20:57 22 Jan 2010

Thank Bazz for the info. Much appreciated!!

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