upgrading cpu

  umbrae12 07:32 10 Jan 2006

hi. i'm trying to upgrade my pc and wanted to add a new cpu. but i don't know anything about cpu's. this is what i have right now:

click here

i was wondering if anyone could tell me a good cpu [ for gaming ]

also, i'm about to buy
ATI Radeon 9250 256MB DDR PCI Video and Kingston HYPER X 1GB.

click here
click here

is that a good choice or not.

thanks in advance~

  SG Atlantis® 08:23 10 Jan 2006

In hoesty I wouldn't recommend upgrading your processor. It's more than fine considering the limiting factors of PCI graphics and 512 RAM.

secondly that's the wrong RAM you need:

Speed PC133 (runs @100 or 133)

and according to hp site the most your board will take is 512mb. 2x256.

click here for your memory.

  umbrae12 08:33 10 Jan 2006

what about if i get a new motherboard~ like this one:

click here

will that work?

  SG Atlantis® 08:46 10 Jan 2006

that link is taking an age to load, newegg is really really slow to load.

But anyway, if that's definately your Hp PC.

Then will a new mobo fit the case?

will the 200w power supply be enough to run a new mobo, new CPU, graphics card and faster RAM?

The answers to those questions IMO is no.

Best bet is a barebone system, then move your hard disks and optical drives into it with a new graphics card, better to have PCI-E.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 10 Jan 2006

I'm with SG Atlantis® on this one; best to start again with a new mobo, case and ram - for a couple of hundred pounds you will have a good starting point for future upgrading.

The processor you have is pretty decent - the rest of the system is limited though.

  jack 09:29 10 Jan 2006

To emhpasize SGA already excellent adivice

The components on modern mass built PC's are so finely matched by the makers that there is no advantage to be had in changing stuff around except may be increasing memory- providing the Motherboard/chipset has the capability.

Indeed some makers within model ranges use custom made components [motherboards for example] that upgrading/rebuilding is out of the question.
If you feel that your current setup is not doing the business then as suggested you start afresh with a barebones 'box' from say click here
But I would think your machine is adequate, and that is is you that have simply gor used to it and the games you play - You win too often.

  umbrae12 09:55 10 Jan 2006

hmmm start afresh, huh? i'll guess i have to do that~ so do you guys know any place to buy parts? i only know compusa and fry's~

oh, and thanks for ur replies!

  jack 10:33 10 Jan 2006

Like i said click here

  SG Atlantis® 10:41 10 Jan 2006

You're American?

I can't really recommend any as I am in the UK.

That newegg site has barebone systems. click here

  SG Atlantis® 10:42 10 Jan 2006

jack your linka ain't working, you've made a typo.

click here is where it's meant to go.

  Mavericke 12:29 10 Jan 2006

I do agree with SG Atlantis. Think about it, you would only need about £200 to get a barebone Socket 939 or an Intel LGA 775 motherboard complete with casing, onboard sound and also power supply.What you need is DDR2 memory,ATI Radeon X700 at least and a good cpu like Athlon 64 4000+,Athlon X2 or Intel 820/830/840. That is more likely to go for gaming. ATI 9250 is not really meant for gaming if you are talking about Doom3.
I hate to say this but the game will not even manage 10fps on the ATI 9250. ATI X700 at least will do the job. Alternatively you might want to get yourself an Nvidia Gforce 6800 instead.
If you want to go for gaming,make sure that your cpu,memory,graphic card and hard drive are up to date as if one of them are not on par, it will spoil everything.

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