Upgrading CPU

  cagey 11:14 16 Dec 2004

I am attempting to upgrade my son's CPU from a 800 Mhz Duron to an Athlon XP 2400+ (1.8GHz) on a Gigabyte GA-7ZXE Version 2.1 motherboaed with 512 Mb SD RAM, FSB is 266. System bus speed is jumpered to 133MHz.
Gigabyte web site says this CPU is OK for motherboad.
However I can only get it to run at 1.35GHz.
Help please.

  ACOLYTE 11:31 16 Dec 2004

Have you tried loading optimal mobo settings in bios? then rebooting.

  cagey 11:42 16 Dec 2004

If you mean load optimized defaults, yes I have done that. Any other suggestions please.

  Muttly 12:09 16 Dec 2004

I have a GIGABYTE GA700N-L, setting the switches for auto config sorts this out (this is the multiplier). On mine all switches should be set to zero. There is a bank of about6.

  cagey 12:45 16 Dec 2004

MUTTLY. There are no such switches on this m/b and I have also checked the manual to confirm.

More suggestions from anyone please.

  cagey 13:22 16 Dec 2004

From Cagey.
I changed the Clk Speed jumper on the M/B from 133 to 100. When I reboot the initial screen shows Athlon 2200+ 1800Ghz but then freezes. If I relpace jumper to 133 computer runs ok but is at 1.35Ghz.

Looking for help please.

  sicknote 13:30 16 Dec 2004

Have you reflashed the bios

click here

  cagey 14:02 16 Dec 2004

sicknote. Yes I have reflashed the bios.

More help please.

  Totally-braindead 15:39 16 Dec 2004

Since the Bios is now flashed to FB, and you've set the board to 133mhz have you set the DRAM speed in the Bios to 133mhz as well?

  Totally-braindead 15:43 16 Dec 2004

Another thought though I'm not sure it will make a difference are you using the latest chipset driver 4.51?

  TomJerry 15:48 16 Dec 2004

XP2400 should have a multiplier 7.5

by the way Athlon XP 2400+ should run at 2.0Ghz.

Are you sure you got a Athlon?

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