Upgrading CPU

  Dazwm 19:16 26 Sep 2003

I am thinking of buying a more powerful Processor, how do I know which one is compatible with my motherboard?

  R4 19:23 26 Sep 2003

Go to your Motherboards Web Site

Oget a new Motherboard for the CPU you wish to use

  Rayuk 19:23 26 Sep 2003

Let us know what motherboard you have, or you can go to the manufacturers website your self.

  Dazwm 19:27 26 Sep 2003

Its an asrock K7VT2

  BarryKeith 19:45 26 Sep 2003
  BarryKeith 19:48 26 Sep 2003
  Dazwm 18:22 27 Sep 2003

Thanks BarryKeith I assume that 2600+ is the most powerful I can have?

  Rayuk 18:54 27 Sep 2003

2600+ yes but note it is the 266 not the 333 and they are not easy to come by.

  goonerbill 20:20 27 Sep 2003

heres a link to the 2400+ click here
komplett is the cheapest for cpu only or simply for retail (includes heatsink & fan).

dont remember there being a 2600+ with 266mhz fsb

  Dazwm 11:47 28 Sep 2003

What is the difference between 266 and 333? What is it? I presume I can only use 266 whatever it is!

  pinka 14:02 28 Sep 2003

its how many mhz your processor will run at , with athlons i understand that they run best when alongside the same type memory . e.g for a 2400+ use pc 2100

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