upgrading computer

  Splodge 11:37 19 Feb 2010

My sony computer, which still works well, is about 10 years old and I think I should begin the process of updating!

I need two hard drives (SATA?) and could do with suggestions about one which will be as reliable as my present one.

Also, I have a USB drive, which I use to back up every week using Acronis! I wonder whether the new computer would recognise the data on that and allow me to copy files my across. I do realise I will have to re-install programs but would like to continue my backups.

Does anyone know if the new deives will do that and, I expect I shall opt for Windows 7 and have some reservations about using Acronis because I believe I saw something about it not being compatable to that OS.

Please help if you can! thank you.

  oldbeefer2 11:53 19 Feb 2010

If it's 10yrs old, that is very old technology (in PC terms). I feel you would do a whole lot better buying a new one with fast processor, huge RAM and hard drive etc!

  Splodge 12:09 19 Feb 2010

Well yes, that is what I meant!

To be honest I would run them in tandem until I was used to the new one. But which one is the question.

I note from a previous enquiry that Couger would be a good choice, and I have already looked at their site.

However, building a new one from scratch requires a knowledge of each component and I feel I might make the wrong choice for compatability. I MIGHT telephone them after I have exhausted everyone's patience on this page but the worry would be the same.

A bog-standard computer might be better for me!

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