upgrading a Compaq 0648h Motherboard

  barrie1775 20:17 04 Apr 2005

I have a Compaq Presario 7477. Its a few years old now and could do with upgrading. Its running a AMD-K62 533MHz processor with 312Mb RAM.
My question is, is the processor upgradable?
If so what is the biggest I can install?
Looking at this option first before considering buiding a new system.Please advise if you think it would be better to go for the rebuild option, bearing in mind limited budget !!

  JonnyTub 20:20 04 Apr 2005

Personally, i wouldn't bother to upgrade the processor, firstly you'll have a job tracking a compatible one down, the current one may be the max the board will take, then you'll probably find it hasn't made the slighest difference. Go for the build or buy off the shelf. How tight is your budget?

  barrie1775 20:33 04 Apr 2005

Thanks for that. That was my suspicion!! Looking on Ebay I think I can build a reasonable system for around £200 - £250.
Looking at an MSI mobo with AMD Athlon or Sempron.

  jack 21:56 04 Apr 2005

Compaq and a few other manufactures tend to build
integrated systems -just like a washing machine
aand who upgrades washing machines?

Seriously though this firm and Dell and E-machines and others similar build machines to a spec., to do a job which they do very well, and are best left doing it.
They can use integrated components that are unqiue,
few slots etc. Memory is very often the only upgrade possible -sometimes.

  barrie1775 23:39 04 Apr 2005

Right thanks Jack and JonnyTub.
I think I will go for the rebuild option any suggestions??

  jack 08:26 05 Apr 2005

As I/we do not know your personal capabilities/knowledge any suggestion may be inappropriate- As Mentioned elsewhere some firms offer a basic 'box' with no externals -monitor/Keyboard etc., NovaTech is one I believe- start there.

  JonnyTub 18:27 05 Apr 2005

As per jack only i'd personally go for a mobo bundle from novatech. Excellent value for money if you consider you already optical drives, monitors and keyboard, case and psu, etc.

A mobo bundle is gauranteed to work with the components supplied in the box and in some cases also pre-configured.

  Chegs ® 18:49 05 Apr 2005

I used to own a Presario(cannot recall its number)7 ***

I attempted to upgrade this in stages,but had major problems.

1)Onboard Graphics,bought an AGP graphics card to find when I opened it up the Compaq had no AGP slot.


2)New mobo,only to find the Compaq's case was too small to take the new mobo.

3)Various hardware items from the Compaq had unique connectors,they often looked the same as a standard connector,but the pin arrangements were different.

The CPU in your machine is an AMD K6,"tweaked" to produce the 500Mhz.Its not very overclockable and as such,not really worth upgrading to a faster K6(if they exist in a faster form)

The PSU in mine was a lowly 200Watt unit,if your upgrading the PC then its quite likely your going to have to up this items output(aim for 400W,or bigger if you think you might upgrade again)

  barrie1775 23:09 06 Apr 2005

Many thanks to:

Chegs ®, JonnyTub & jack.
Will definately look at Novatech

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