upgrading cd/dvd drive

  User-607600DE-6B22-4475-8CD565A723204C45 11:48 28 Jul 2005

i'm about to upgrade one of my drives i have a sony 52x cdrw and a pioneer dvd rom do i ditch the sony which is only 8mnths old or the pioneer which is about 4 years old in exchange for a dvd writer.
is there any way of finding out which is the master or slave without frantically hitting f10 or f2 at start up once windows xp has booted?

  Pooke 11:57 28 Jul 2005

Go into Device Manager. CLICK ide ata/atapi controllers, then right click and choose properties.

I recommend having a dvd rom and a dvd rewriter in systems.

  pj123 12:01 28 Jul 2005

My choice would be: Keep the DVD rom (as it can also read CDs) Install the DVD writer as the master and make the DVD rom the slave. The DVD writer will also burn to CD. You will be able to see which is master and slave when installing the DVD writer.

  pj123 12:04 28 Jul 2005

PS. Rewriters generally like to be the master so having two rewriters (DVD and CD) may cause a conflict as one them has to be the slave.

  Satmansq 12:06 28 Jul 2005

Theres always the possibility that they are not running from the same cable. Other than that I agree with pj.

thanks for answering so quick pooke i did try that but it doesnt specify whats on what it just says dma enabled perhapsi'll just have to go through the bios route

they are running from the same cable. if i have to change the master and slaves over do i have to adjust this in the bios or does it do it automatically?

  Pooke 12:20 28 Jul 2005

A little plug (jumper) on the back of the actual drive. Just put in where it says M or S.

ide ata/atapi controllers, when you click that is there a sub menu item? right click then properties on that.

It shows all drives attached to my PC in there.

Just the other day I added a new dvd rewriter, my thread> click here


  Stuartli 12:30 28 Jul 2005

If you retain a DVD-ROM drive you can use it for playing audio CDs, DVDs, installing software etc.

That frees the rewriter purely for burning purposes and will extend its useful lifespan - they are not as robust or reliable than basic drives.

A check of the manufacturers' operational lifespan figures will indicate the differences.

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