Upgrading C drive - Can I use progs on 'old' drive until re-installed?

  AroundAgain 16:45 20 Dec 2014

Hi guys (and gals) Running Windows 7

I'm about to upgrade my 'C' drive (SSD) from a smaller SSD as it's too small and causing a few issues.

I'm going to fit it, unattach the current (small) drive, then install Win 7 as clean install to the new drive. I can then install the other various programs that I use, of course.

My question is, if I set the 'small' SSD to slave, can I then run the programs already installed on there? I suspect not!

If not, I would have to switch off PC, connect the older 'small' drive to use some of the programs until they are all re-installed on the new drive, I think. So, just wondering what my options are, really

Many thanks for any suggestions

  Ian in Northampton 17:35 20 Dec 2014

I think - I'm not 100% sure - that if you do a clean install of W7, then the operating system won't be able to 'see' the programs on the other drive, because there will be no entries in the fresh install's registry - which is what W7 relies on to run programs. If a program isn't in the registry, Windows can't execute it. Others may confirm (or not...)

  john bunyan 17:43 20 Dec 2014

If you have a USB Hd , you could clone the old c drive then clone it back to the new one. There are a number of programmes such as macrium reflect, Acronis etc. For details look up how to clone a HD. Others may give more detail.

  AroundAgain 19:30 20 Dec 2014

Hi Thanks guys I thought this would be a good time to do a clean install, seeing as I've had this PC for 3 yrs. If I need to do some stuff on it, that I can't do on laptop, I'll just reconnect the 'old' drive.

Documents and stuff are on a second HDD anyway in the PC so I will be able to access them OK with either main drive.

I had considered cloning etc but decided to do a clean install while I had the opportunity, then I'll clone the new drive once I've got it set up with programs I want. Makes more sense to me.

Thanks Ian of Northampton, I thought it wouldn't be able to run programs that have previously been installed, even though they're on another drive altogether, but decided to ask, just in case ....


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