upgrading to BTbroadband 1Mb

  terendak_uk 20:58 17 Oct 2004

Be grateful for some clarification: I've got BTbroadband 500k and I want to upgrade: it seems that BT only offer BTyahoo 1MB? I don't want the Yahoo component; I havn't got it now. Can I upgrade without the frills? I can't seem to find it on their website. Thanks

  terendak_uk 21:47 17 Oct 2004

be grateful for any clarification before I ring BT....such a pain going thru the hoops of getting to the right person( OK , why do I stay there then? I reserve the right to remain silent lol))

  JoeC 22:17 17 Oct 2004

the BT 1Mb from BT Yahoo.

Installed with no problems. I chose not to install the Yahoo section of it though and just have a normal IE. It is relatively easy to customise to your liking. : }

  Magik ®© 22:47 17 Oct 2004

I also have the 1mb BT BB, just forget the yahoo bit, even if you download it, you do not have to use it, just use IE and outlook express..

  Mad Mick 23:20 17 Oct 2004

If you don't download the Yahoo bit will you still get charged for it I wonder?

  Magik ®© 23:25 17 Oct 2004

charged for what ??? you were never charged for it in the first place, it was just like a name change..

  Magik ®© 23:27 17 Oct 2004

the 500kb BB is £26.99 and the 1mb is £29.99.

  Mad Mick 23:34 17 Oct 2004

I changed to BT Broadband from BT dial up some time ago. It was then that I found that they did not provide an email service. I had to set up a web mail address with BT’s Talk 21 service. This cannot be used through Outlook Express, so in order to get a POP3 service I had to open another email address with BT Openworld for which I have to pay an additional £1.50 per month..
BT have recently combined with Yahoo to provide an ISP service similar to that of the old BT Openworld. BT Broadband is a separate company to BT Yahoo Broadband with different pricing policies. BT appear to be trying to get all users of the 512 Broadband service to sign up to BT Yahoo instead of BT Broadband. When the prices were recently reduced, we BT Broadband users were given a choice to change to BT Broadband 1MB at a lower price than the price charged for BT Yahoo Broadband 1 MB.

We no longer have that choice. If we want a 1MB service then we are forced to use BT Yahoo Broadband.

  PsiFox 10:11 18 Oct 2004

Do not forget that BT introduce their download caps early next year.


  terendak_uk 10:13 18 Oct 2004

You're right, Mad Mick....they want one to use Yahoo but, if as JoeC and Magik ®© state, one may still leave out that part, that's great; Which is what I wanted to know.
Thanks again

  terendak_uk 19:39 18 Oct 2004

SO , new subscribers no longer have a choice? I have emailed BT re this , asking for confirmation lol.
PsiFox......thanks for the reminder.

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