Upgrading 98se to XP

  hssutton 22:29 14 Jul 2003

Advise please, is it better to reformat and just load XP or do the upgrade over Win 98. I have all the necessary drivers.

Many thanks.

  VoG II 22:36 14 Jul 2003

Most of the advisors on here will tell you to do a reformat - indeed the XP setup disk gives you exactly that option so there is no need to reformat in advance.

However, I'm a maverick. If you do not have major problems with 98 then just install over the top. You will not see any difference in performance and you won't have to faff about reloading programs.

Just one opinion.

  madPentium 22:37 14 Jul 2003

If you have all the necessary drivers and you can reinstall all your applications, I would backup your favourites, emails, export your email accounts, address book and any other data you need and FORMAT. A fresh install seems to create a far more stable system than an upgrade.

  scarffee 22:42 14 Jul 2003

I found it was better to do the upgrade over win 98. I was satisfied with xp so I deleted the win98 backup files. Also if you decide to keep xp it is better to convert your hard drive to NTFS which is done by going into command prompt by going to START, RUN and typing CMD then type CONVERT C: /NTFS. after this you may need to reboot or if you do a reformat on your hard drive setup to xp will do this for you. Hope this is of some help


  BillEmm 22:56 14 Jul 2003

a clean install.

Worth a thought.


  dfghjkl 23:14 14 Jul 2003

i formatted and noticed anincrease in speed especially online i am on 150k

  pcwhizz 09:51 15 Jul 2003

Whatever you do REFORMAT THE DISK FIRST. Xp is a trouble causer for upgrading over previous versions. Trust me I KNOW.

  Terrahawk 09:57 15 Jul 2003

if you have a full version of xp reformat could save yourself a lot of strife just boot from the xp disk it will give you options to partition format etc

  hssutton 10:16 15 Jul 2003

Thanks to all, will carry out a clean install.

  -pops- 10:19 15 Jul 2003

Despite what pcwhizz says, if you do a clean install, XP will format the disk for you. No need for a separate operation.

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