upgrading 3 yr computer

  firstagent 13:26 19 Jan 2003
  firstagent 13:26 19 Jan 2003

On the Dell forum, I have seen a number of comments about replacing the chip in an old PIII 500hz computer with a powerleap adaptor to give more zip. These adaptors allow the older machines (slot 1) to run a 1.4 celeron and are combined with a a fan and heatsink.
click here
They cost about £120 in the UK.

Has anyone here had any experience of using such adaptors, or any comments? Thanks.

  clayton 15:03 19 Jan 2003

you could get a new motherboard AMD processor & DDR memory for about £130.

  Quiller. 15:16 19 Jan 2003

You computer would have a lot more zip if you followed clayton's suggestion.

  duplo 15:16 19 Jan 2003

Would not bother... as clayton said you can get a new mobo, chip and ram for similar amount.
Also... once you have spent the £120 you still stuck with older equipment that cant be upgraded in any other way.

At least with a new mobo anything else you decide to upgrade later will have a more modern mobo and chip set and therefor run better.

  pj123 15:43 19 Jan 2003

You could also try this site click here click on BUNDLES and have a look.

  DieSse 15:57 19 Jan 2003

If you take the new motherboard approach, you may run into other problems - motherboard may not fit case - may need larger power supply - Dell may need special connectors on the motherboard.

If the Dell forum has users who have done the powerleap upgrade successfully, then I would follow there lead, for the least hassle. The 1.4GHz Celeron is quite a speedy performer.

  jediknight007 16:05 19 Jan 2003

The Celeron 1.4Ghz might seem good in the short term but once summer arrives, you might feel the need to upgrade to something like a Pentium 4 which wouldn't be possible. I would go with what others are saying and get a new Socket A motherboard and maybe a Duron 1.3Ghz or XP 1600+ with some DDR memory. That should last you fir a bit longer. I recently upgraded from an AMD K6-2 500Mhz to an AMD Duron 1.3GHz with an ECS K7S5A motherboard and ATX 8870 case with 350W PSU and side fan for £100. I'm still using my 384MB of SDRAM but I can easily replace that with DDR memory in the future (when prices lower) and also upgrade up to the XP 2000+.

  firstagent 17:06 19 Jan 2003

Thanks. Some sound advice, but I think if one goes down the new mobo etc bundle then its a new tower etc. becasue that's the way dell computers are made. Any suggestions on costing/sources for min spec to allow me to swap in my other parts HDD, CD-RW etc would be greatly appreciated.

  pj123 17:37 19 Jan 2003

Still reckon you should look at click here

You get case, mobo, processor, fan and all you need do is install your floppy, hard disk, cd and memory.

  duplo 17:53 19 Jan 2003

try click here


1700 Athlon, 128MB ddr, Mobo: £152.74 (tested)
Case(inc PSU): approx 35 depending on which one you pick. Just dont pick the cheapest!

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