gremlin826 20:09 11 Feb 2005

My present PC has come to the end of the road and I am going to build my next one. I have already purchased a Neo2 motherboard, Radeon x800 pro graphic card and athlon 64 3500+ (939)CPU. I need advice on the rest. I will be using the machine mainly for gaming with some home office work as well. What make / type of Ram should I go for ie Ballistix 1gb/2gb or is the extra benefit not worth the expense and try something like Crucials value select. Also what DVD writer and CD reader do you all suggest. Finally I intend buying two 160gig hard drives, has anyone got suggestions or positive experiences with a particular brand. I would be grateful for any help.

  t.long 21:34 11 Feb 2005

You might want to look at getting a new power supply unit as well, somthing in the 520 - 600watt feild.

As for RAM, go with matched pairs, say two 512MB DIMMs. I would recomend you opt for Corsair or Ballistix. Might want to look click here to get an idea of what its likly to cost.

  Gaz 25 21:54 11 Feb 2005

Corsair, geil, kingston and crucial are generally the most trusted memory brands. Ballistix is fine too, but, it's up to you - I've never used it.

As for powersupply, as suggected 500 - 600 watt is fine.

Sounds a nice system btw.

  jono366 22:19 11 Feb 2005

I think Western digital deskstar hard drives are one of the best.... But that is just my opinion........... I have 2 160 gig ones in my system and it is a gaming machine and i aint had bother with them lagging.

  Bleep 23:07 11 Feb 2005

Can go far worse than Crucial Balistic or Cosair Value Select click here? With that CPU and board i'd be tempted to get some Crucial Balistic PC4000 click here% and run that AMD64 3500 @ 2.6Ghz.
No need for 2GB with what you have specified what your using it for.

In terms of HDD I use Western Digital: click here great drives, may I ask why you need 320GB? why not buy a 74GB Raptor 10,00RPM for amazing performance, I have 2 in Raid 1 set-up and have only used 34 GB with 1000's of digital pictures and all the latest games, any way hope this helps.

  Bleep 23:07 11 Feb 2005

Sorry Cosair memory link : click here

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