Upgrade/Driver Question

  Staddly 22:21 18 Apr 2004

I am in the process of carrying out an upgrade to my PC consisting of new mobo with cpu, grahics card and memory. I will be re-using the existing FFD,HDD,CDRW,DVD ROM, MODEM etc and all other peripherals. Should I be uninstalling the drivers off the old system for everything or just the components that will change (Graphics and Mobo). Will W2K pick with the re-used parts without new drivers?

Help appreciated - first time upgrade but enjoying it so far!!

  Gongoozler 22:31 18 Apr 2004

Hi Staddly. Ive never tried this with Windows 2k, but I suggest you just give it a try. Just put the motherboard in with the old bits. I suggest that you initially leave out most of the peripherals such as the modem, and see what error messages you get. You may be pleasantly surprised. With Windows 98se , after ignoring the error messages, I managed to just reinstall Windows over itself, and then the motherboard drivers and all was ok (make sure you disable any antivirus first as it will object to the installer trying to write to the boot sector). As long as you've backed up all your important files you have nothing to lose.

  keith-236785 23:42 18 Apr 2004

Win XP takes great exception to changing MOBO/CPU/MEMORY, as it seems win2000 is built on the same core as XP then i would suggest making a good backup of your system, install your new board and try it out, but be prepared to Format and re-install windows.

regarding uninstalling drivers, Only bother with things from your old MOBO setup (onboard graphics/sound) etc.

other things that are on PCI cards may need to be installed again but as long as you have the driver disks, thats no problem.

  Staddly 09:05 19 Apr 2004

Thanks guys, some good advice, some of which I have already carried out. Is there anyone that has actually done this in W2K.

  Staddly 11:16 21 Apr 2004

Just to update and finish this one off. Have successfully completed upgrade with no problems in W2K. Plugged everything in all at once, hit the 'on' button, booted from CD drive with W2K disk in, system found existing installation of W2K, chose the repair option and off it went - installed all basic drivers etc for new hardware, all I had to do was follow on when finished and load the maunfacturers drivers. Just thought i'd say in case anyone else was trying to do the same

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